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4 Big Car Maintenance Tips that You Can Handle for Your Loved One

Senior Care in Irvine CA: When you're already worried about your elderly loved one's driving abilities, it pays to make sure that her car is as safe as possible. These simple maintenance tasks are things that you can do for her yourself when you have a few minutes.

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Your elderly loved one may be perfectly happy having you or her senior care providers driving her around for the most part, but there may be times when she really wants to drive herself. If she’s still able, that’s a wonderful way for her to stay independent. You can help by making sure her car is properly maintained.

Check Her Tire Pressure

Double check in your loved one’s vehicle owner’s manual for the proper tire pressure. Try to check the tire pressure every couple of weeks or whenever the tires just don’t look right. When you check the pressure, make sure that you look at the tread as well. That way you can keep up with when the tires should be replaced.

Check Her Windshield Wipers

Your loved one may not want to drive when it’s raining, but that doesn’t mean that she’s not going to get caught occasionally in a sudden shower. The key to keeping her safe then is to make sure that you check her windshield wipers regularly. They can quickly dry rot in the sun and should be replaced every six months or so, depending on their condition.

Check Her Headlights and Other Exterior Lights

Enlist the help of someone else to watch the lights around the exterior of the car when you turn on the headlights, the brake lights, and the tail lights. You should also test both blinkers and the hazard lights to make sure that they work properly. If the lights are cloudy, burned out, or otherwise inoperable, get them fixed right away.

Take the Car in for Regular Servicing

Every car manufacturer recommends specific maintenance requirements in the owner’s manual. If your loved one takes her car to the dealership for this service, they typically also send out reminders to keep your loved one’s car properly serviced. Make sure that you’re taking your loved one’s car in to meet that schedule. This can also help you to spot problems with the car before they become safety hazards.

Keep a notebook where you note when you’ve done specific types of maintenance for your loved one’s care so you know when it’s due again.

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