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How Seniors can get Fit with Arthritis

Elderly Care in San Clemente CA: Arthritis is a painful condition, but these activities can lessen the pain your loved one endures.

Elderly Care in San Clemente CA

Arthritis can be a debilitating condition that makes it difficult for older adults to accomplish as much as they would like to each day. The joints frequently become inflamed and painful, causing the elder to not want to move as much as they used to. Many seniors with this condition rely on the help of elderly care providers in order to assist with these difficult tasks. However, the more exercise and stretching they do, the less they will feel their arthritis flaring up.

Here are several ways your loved one can stay active and have fun will doing these activities.

  • Interactive video games. The days where playing a video game consisted of slumping down into the couch are over. There are now several gaming systems that require the gamer to get moving in order to win. One popular system is the Nintendo Wii. It comes with a game that consists of several outdoor activities, like running, playing tennis, and bowling. Yoga and other workouts can also be purchased for the Wii.
  • Walk the dog. One benefit to owning a dog is the fact that it motivates its owner to begin exercising through daily walks. Walking is a great way to improve their joint flexibility and strengthen the muscles. Owning a dog has also been proven to lower high blood pressure and cholesterol compared to those who do not own a pet.
  • Watch the grandkids. Children have the ability to get their grandparents moving in order to keep up with their energetic little bodies. Aside from playing active games, like hide-and-seek and playing at the park, puzzles, crafts, and board games can also help those who suffer from arthritis. To get the most out of these playdates, encourage your loved one to babysit their grandchildren several times a week.
  • Do household chores. Cleaning the home can help burn calories and keep the joints limber. Simply cleaning the floors, doing laundry, washing the windows, and cleaning the bathrooms can have the same physical impact on an elder as hitting the gym.
  • Garden. Gardening may be difficult to do during this time of the year, but encourage your loved one to tend to their flowers and/or produce for their health. Weeding and digging can boost the senior’s endurance, while shoveling or raking can keep the muscles strong. Not to mention how wonderful their yard will look once all of their hard work has paid off.


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