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How Home Care Can Help Seniors After A Stroke

75% of the strokes that occur every year happen to seniors. Some of the ways that having home care services can help your parent as they recover after a stroke are discussed here.
Home Care San Diego CA - How Home Care Can Help Seniors After A Stroke

Did you know that 75% of the strokes that occur every year happen to seniors? Age is one of the major risk factors for having a stroke. Other risk factors include vascular disease and poor circulation, which many seniors have. If your senior parent has a stroke, there’s a strong chance they will have another one. That’s why seniors should have home care services during their recovery after a stroke. With home care, your senior parent won’t be alone. If something happens or they have another stroke someone will be there to get them help quickly.

Some of the other ways that having these services can help your senior parent as they recover after a stroke are:

Assist with Activities of Daily Living

If your senior parent has home care, a caregiver will be there to help your senior parent by making meals and helping them eat, making sure they are drinking water, reminding them to take their medication, and making sure they are comfortable. Creating a sense of routine and normalcy can help seniors feel safe and comfortable at home during their recovery.

Help Them Get Around The House

Your senior parent may have trouble getting out of bed, standing up, walking around, getting to the bathroom, or moving from the bed to a chair. A caregiver can assist them so they can move around the house safely, get to the bathroom without falling, and start to walk around to get their circulation going.

Provide Emotional Support

Senior care providers can provide emotional support as well as physical support. Your senior parent is going through a tough life transition. A care provider will listen to their concerns, validate their feelings, and provide reassurance during difficult times.

Help With Communication

If your senior parent has difficulty speaking as a result of the stroke a care provider who is there with your senior parent daily can help them communicate with their doctor, with you, and with others. It’s very common for seniors to have trouble understanding speech or speaking after a stroke.

Encourage Rehabilitation Exercises

Your senior parent may need some encouragement to keep doing their physical therapy or occupational therapy exercises. A care provider will provide all the necessary motivation to keep your senior parent on track with their rehab so they can get stronger, build up their muscles, and work on improving their mobility.

Home Care San Diego CA - How Home Care Can Help Seniors After A Stroke
Home Care San Diego CA – How Home Care Can Help Seniors After A Stroke

Keep A Safe And Clean Environment

A care provider will also make sure that your senior parent has a safe and clean environment during their recovery. They can do light housework to maintain the condition of the home. And they can do laundry to make sure that your senior parent has fresh linens and clean clothes. Being in a healthy, clean, and safe environment that is warm, cozy, and familiar can help seniors recover after a major health event like a stroke.

Call to find out more about home care for your senior parent today. Care is available on short notice if your senior parent is being released from the hospital soon.


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