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How Can a Hat Help Protect Mom from Cancer?

Senior Care in Laguna Woods CA: Hats have been a part of human attire since the beginning of history, and straw hats have been used all over the world.
Senior Care in Laguna Woods CA: How Can a Hat Help Protect Mom from Cancer?

Hats have been a part of human attire since the beginning of history, and straw hats have been used all over the world. They’ve been made out of all sorts of straw, including wheat grass and palm leaves. They’re most often associated with farming since farmers all over the world have worn them to help protect their faces and necks from the sun. Straw hats are so popular that they even have their own month to be celebrated—April! Springtime is an appropriate time to celebrate the straw hat because it’s the beginning of the time of year in which we need to be even more vigilant in protecting skin from the burning sun.

It’s pretty common knowledge these days that too much exposure to the sun increases the risk of skin cancer. In fact, experts say that between 85 and 90 percent of melanomas can be linked to sun exposure. The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends wearing a hat to help protect areas were sunscreen is not usually applied, like the scalp, and spots that are often missed, like the ears and back of the neck.

4 Reasons Mom Should Wear a Hat

There are lots of reasons to wear a hat, both practical and just for fun. Here are some reasons your mom needs to wear hats:

  1. Hats create instant shade for the face and neck. Putting on a hat can help your mom feel cooler. Avoid hats that are so loosely woven that the sun’s rays can get through.
  2. Hats can raise your mom’s overall SPF by 10. That doesn’t mean your mom doesn’t need sunscreen, though. Hats should be thought of as added protection.
  3. Hats can protect her eyes from the sun. The shade provided by a hat can reduce the need to squint and can also prevent damage to the eyes.
  4. Hats are a great fashion statement! Many people enjoy wearing hats because they are a fun accessory. Lots of people even collect hats.

Choosing the Perfect Hat for Mom

When choosing a hat to protect the skin from the sun, look for a hat with a wide brim that goes all the way around the hat. Experts recommend a brim that is at least 3 inches wide. There are also hats available with Ultraviolet Protection Factors (UPF) assigned. To receive a UPF number, the hat must be tested by the FDA. UPF factors range from 15 to 50.

While looking for a hat that protects your mom from the sun is important, choosing one that makes her happy will make her more likely to wear it. Your mom’s senior care provider may be able to take her shopping to pick out summer hats that she’ll love and that will help her avoid dangerous exposure to the sun. And, should your mom forget to put her hat on, her senior care provider can give her a gentle reminder!

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