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Why Is Your Elderly Loved One Complaining All the Time?

Elderly Care in Laguna Beach CA: Is your elderly loved one giving you a constant stream of complaints? You're not alone and there might be some very good reasons that your loved one is doing this.
Elderly Care in Laguna Beach CA: Why Is Your Elderly Loved One Complaining All the Time?

Sometimes it might seem as if you just can’t do anything right for your elderly loved one. She might even be complaining about situations that you can’t change or control at all. There can be some underlying reasons that go beyond simple complaining and solving that mystery can help you make your loved one’s life a bit better.

Pain Can Do a Lot to Your Loved One’s Mood

Your elderly loved one might look at some pain as just the cost of getting older, so she might not even mention it to you. The problem is that chronic pain can be a tremendous issue and can even cause your loved one’s moods to change dramatically. If your loved one doesn’t let you know that she’s experiencing pain, there may not be any way for you to know for sure. Talk with your loved one and with her doctor to find solutions.

So Can Medication

Side effects from medication can do a lot more to change your loved one’s mood than you might think. If you suspect that her medication could be a contributing factor, make sure to mention the situation to her doctor. Her doctor can either adjust or change her medication to help your loved one to become more comfortable.

Underlying Health Conditions Can Contribute

Some health conditions, such as urinary tract infections, can affect your elderly loved one differently now than they may have affected her as a younger person. If your loved one’s criticism and anger are a new issue, it might be worth a trip to her doctor to investigate all of the possible causes that could be at fault.

Your Loved One May Have Always Been Like That

Another cause for you to consider can be that your elderly loved one was simply always like that. It’s even possible that while you were never a recipient of that kind of treatment in the past, your loved one isn’t as discriminating anymore. If this is the case, your loved one may not see any solution as a truly helpful one.

Remember to be good to yourself. Take some time away, either by having other family members pitching in or by hiring elderly care providers for an afternoon.

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