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How Do Caregivers Help Your Whole Family?

Are caregivers the right fit for your family? While families differ, one thing is certain, caregivers help in ways you’d never imagine. Sure, they help your parents. In the process, they also help your whole family.


Home Care Services in Newport Coast CA: Caregiver Assistance
Home Care Services in Newport Coast CA: Caregiver Assistance

Free Up Your Personal Time

Studies find that the average family caregiver spends almost 25 hours a week helping his or her parent/s. If you think about it, it’s not much different from a part-time job in terms of hours. Can you really give up an average of 3 hours a day each day of the week?

When you arrange caregivers, you free up hours each week that make it possible to go visit friends, have a date night with your significant other, or attend your child’s game. You’ll have time to read the latest bestseller while taking a bubble bath. You can join your siblings for dinner. They enjoy having free time, too.


Your Parents Have a New Person to Socialize With

When you’re at work, your parents may feel lonely. If they don’t have friends nearby or no longer drive, socialization may be challenging. With caregivers stopping by, your parents make new friends. They have people to talk to and spend time with.

Why can’t you provide your parents’ socialization? You can, but they shouldn’t rely just on you for socialization. They need to expand to others, just as you need to socialize with people other than your parents. Your siblings also need to be able to socialize with their friends and associates.


Enjoy Quality Time Together

When you hire caregivers, you get to have quality time together. Say you’ve been stopping by after work to make sure they’ve eaten and spent all day Saturday cleaning their home. You may be at their house, but you’re not spending time with them.

Even though you’re there, you’re not really there to talk to. Your parents may feel guilty that they need so much help. They also might feel very lonely. With caregivers doing the chores, your visits are spent talking to your parents, taking them out, and doing other fun activities.


Know Your Parents Have Help if You Travel

If you have to travel for business or military duties, caregivers are still available to help your parents. You can focus on having a safe, productive trip knowing your parents have someone to drive them, cook their meals, and keep them company.

How do you set up home care? Start by calling an agency. Answer the questions and discuss the things your mom and dad need help with. You’ll learn more about the pricing and how to get started.

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