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Preparing for the Possibility that Your Parent Will Need to Evacuate during an Emergency

Home Care in Dana Point CA: As a family caregiver, your primary goal is to ensure that your elderly parent is safe and healthy.

Home Care in Dana Point CA

As a family caregiver, your primary goal is to ensure that your elderly parent is safe and healthy. This does not just apply to their everyday needs, but also emergencies and disasters that can arise. You cannot always predict when these situations will occur, but by taking the time to ensure that your parent is properly prepared you can help to improve your parent’s chances of getting through this event in the healthiest, safest, and most comfortable way possible.

One important situation that you will need to prepare for is the possibility that your elderly parent will need to evacuate their home during an emergency. This evacuation could be voluntary just to make sure that your loved one is safe, but could also be mandatory. Whatever the reason that your aging parent evacuates their home, the preparations that you do now can help to ensure that the evacuation goes as smoothly and with as little stress as possible.


Use these tips to help prepare your parent for the possibility that they will need to evacuate during an emergency situation:

  • Know the location of the nearest shelters. Do some research to find where the most accessible shelters are in your parent’s area. It is preferable to find more than one as there could be overcrowding, road blocks, and other issues to get to each available shelter.
  • Review the access routes. Find the official access routes for the shelters and practice on them several times. Knowing these routes ensures that you are comfortable driving them so you are at ease when the time comes that you will actually need to use them. Remember that you should never attempt to take a shortcut or alternate route to the shelter as you can never know if these ways are safe and not blocked when there is an emergency.
  • Find out about transportation.  Even if you live very close to your parent, you cannot be certain that you would be able to get to your parent safely in the instance of an evacuation. Contact local emergency assistance organizations to find out about transportation for vulnerable community members such as seniors in the event of an evacuation. These organizations often offer emergency transportation that ensures that these vulnerable members of the community are taken safely to a shelter before the most dangerous portion of the severe weather occurs.

One important step that you can make to help your parent prepare for the potential of a disaster or emergency is to start home care for them. Having an in-home senior care services provider in the home with your aging parent can give them the support and guidance that they need to help them prepared for such an emergency and feel more confident in their ability to get through such a situation more effectively. This care provider can also provide a wide array of personalized services tailored to your parent’s individual needs and challenges so that they are able to age in place safely, healthily, comfortably, and happily.


If you or an aging loved one are considering home care in Dana Point, CA, please contact the caring staff at Canaan Home Care today! 1-844-CANAAN-1 (1-844-226-2261)

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