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3 Tips that Can Help You to Begin to Banish Stress as a Family Caregiver

Caregiver in San Clemente CA: Getting rid of stress isn't something that happens overnight, but with these tips, you can start to make a dent in the process.

Caregiver in San Clemente CA

Family caregivers spend much of their down time, as infrequent as that can be, trying to figure out how to get rid of some of the stress that builds up in their lives. Try some of these simple ideas and you’re more likely to be able to come up with ideas of your own.

Delegate Transportation Duties

Whether this means turning over carpool duties to others or it means hiring home care providers who can help your elderly loved one to get where she needs to go, delegating transportation is huge. It means that you’re no longer the person who has to serve as the chauffer for everyone. It can also mean the difference between having a few moments to yourself to meditate one day and feeling too rushed to take any time for yourself. Look at all the ways that you can delegate transporting someone you love to someone else that you love.

Take Frequent Breaks

It’s amazing how restorative having a cup of tea can be. Imagine having 30 whole minutes to read a book you’ve been dying to start. What about exercising every single day? If you’re taking frequent breaks, you may find that you’re able to squeeze all of those activities into your daily life, even when you’ve thought that you just don’t have the time for those kinds of things. They don’t really take long, and they can make a huge difference for your overall morale.

Open up to Other People

When you’re a busy family caregiver, you might not notice how you close down to other people. That can be because other people don’t seem to understand your situation or there could be other reasons. Try opening up to other people whenever you can. You might find that as you do, other people are more willing to jump in and to offer you and your loved one help. You can also help to educate people who aren’t aware of some of the specific situations your loved one deals with, such as ailments or simply the difficulties of aging. You’ll wind up feeling less isolated than you otherwise might have felt.

Once you start seeing some relief in your stress levels, you’ll have the mental and emotional room to start making other changes, too.


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