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4 Tips for Helping Your Loved One Eat Well While Traveling

Senior Care in Laguna Woods CA: Taking a road trip is a lot of fun, but you need to be prepared.

Senior Care in Laguna Woods CA

Whether you’re going on a simple day trip or a weekend getaway, it helps to be prepared. For your elderly loved one, food can be tricky enough at home much less eating in the car or in strange restaurants. These ideas can help make sure you’re ready when you travel with your elderly loved one.


Research Restaurants and Hotels

If your trip is long enough that you’ll need to stay in a hotel or you’re definitely going to stop at some restaurants, do some legwork before you leave. Check out the hotel’s website and see what kinds of restaurants are in the area. Then visit the websites for any restaurants you’re interested in visiting. Most restaurants put full menus on their websites, so you can get an idea what you and your loved one will be eating before you even head out the door.


Think About Your Loved One’s Favorite Snacks and Nutritional Needs

Your loved one might have specific dietary or nutritional needs, which means that you’ll likely have to pack some foods yourself. Make a list of the needs you need to meet and another list of the snacks and foods your loved one enjoys most. Figure out which foods are easiest to pack along with you and start collecting them for the trip.


Use the Right Container

If your loved one enjoys snacks such as pre-packaged nuts, packages of whole grain crackers, or even fresh fruits such as apples or oranges, you probably don’t need much in the way of special containers. A basket or a bag can work just fine. For other foods, however, you might need a cooler with ice packs to make sure the food stays fresh.


Stock Plenty of Water

No matter what foods you bring with you on your trip be sure to stock plenty of water in your cooler. Traveling all day in the car makes it easy to forget to drink water and you want to make sure your loved one is hydrated. Bring more water than you think you might need, just in case. Keep in mind, though, that you can refills bottles from the tap for the return trip.

Talk to your loved one’s senior care providers about any other special considerations your loved one might need for a road trip.


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