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Warm Weather Pet Care Tips during National Pet Month

Elderly Care in Dana Point CA: A pet can be a truly meaningful addition to your elderly care journey with your aging parent.

Elderly Care in Dana Point CA

A pet can be a truly meaningful addition to your elderly care journey with your aging parent. Interacting with a pet can offer a variety of important benefits to your parent’s life, including lowering blood pressure, improving cardiovascular health, reducing stress, warding off depression and anxiety, and even protecting the mind from cognitive decline and memory loss. With all of the valuable functions that a pet can offer, you want to make sure that keeping that pet as healthy, safe, and happy as possible is a regular focus of your care efforts.

During the warm weather months your parent’s pet will need different care than it did during the other months of the year. Addressing these care needs effectively will ensure that that pet keeps offering your parent love, happiness, and support as long as possible.


Use these tips to offer your parent’s pet effective warm weather care:

  • Protect against pests. Fleas, ticks, and mosquitos can impact a pet’s life at any time during the year, but they are a particular problem during the warmer months. This is not only when they breed and come out in much larger numbers, but it is also when pets spend much more time outside. These and other pests can be very dangerous for a pet. They can carry diseases such as Lyme and heartworm, and they can lead to itchy welts that a pet can scratch until they are open, making them vulnerable to infection. Talk to the pet’s vet about the right flea and tick protection, and make sure that you use it how and when you are supposed to.
  • Bathe regularly. Even with the best flea and tick protection there may be a few intrepid pests that decide to hop aboard your parent’s pet regardless. This can not only lead to issues for the pet, it can bring those pests inside the house. They can then bite the humans in the house, possibly infecting them with disease and causing itchy, painful reactions. Bathe the pet regularly to remove these pests as well as dirt, plant matter, and other debris that can stick to them while spending time outdoors. This will help them to stay more comfortable and prevent potentially dangerous skin reactions.
  • Give plenty of water. Regardless of the particular feeding schedule for the dog, it is crucial that the pet have access to plenty of clean, cool water at all times. It is fine to add a couple of ice cubes on particularly hot days, and the dog may even enjoy playing with a few ice cubes outside.
  • Never leave them in a car. You should never leave a pet in a situation that could cause overheating and distress. While leaving them outside in the yard for long periods is one form of this danger, hot cars are even more serious. A car can become life-threateningly hot in just a matter of minutes even on days when the temperature outside seems moderate. If you have to bring a pet in the car, make sure that it can either go inside with you or that someone other than your aging parent is able to stay in the car with it and get it out if the car gets too warm.


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