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4 Things You Can Do to Help an Elderly Loved One with Asthma

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Adult onset asthma, especially among the elderly, is more common than many people may think. Once your loved one has a diagnosis, her doctor will also give her a treatment plan. But there are Senior-Care-in-Dana-Point-CAother things that you can do around the house that can help to stave off asthma attacks and make breathing easier.

Run the Air Conditioning

Air conditioning makes the house cooler, of course, but it does more than that. When most people think about air conditioning, they forget that the second word in the phrase is important. Air conditioners help to remove some of the contaminants from the air, such as dust and pollen, via the filters. They also cool the air, making it a little easier to breathe. Remember to change or clean the air filter often so that the air conditioner keeps working at peak efficiency. Air conditioners also help to dehumidify air to a certain extent. If you need more help with humidity, look into adding a dehumidifier.

Clean the House Regularly

It’s essential that your loved one’s home is regularly cleaned well. Dust, pet dander, and other airborne contaminants are a big deal and can be a huge asthma trigger. If you’re not able to clean your loved one’s home as often as you want, consider hiring senior care help who can come in and make sure that your loved one’s house is clean and safe.

Deal with Damp Areas

Mold is dangerous for everyone, but it’s especially dangerous for your elderly loved one with asthma. Look for damp areas in the home and do whatever repairs are necessary in order to get rid of the dampness. You may also need to have a mold remediation team come in to determine if there is mold that needs to be professionally and safely removed.

Help Her Exercise Regularly

Often people with asthma think that they need to avoid moving around too much so that they don’t exacerbate their symptoms. In reality, exercising regularly helps to strengthen your loved one’s lungs and can also help her to lose any excess weight that she’s carrying around. Being even a few pounds overweight can make asthma worse.

Ask your loved one’s doctor what else he recommends for your loved one’s specific condition.

Excerpt: If your elderly loved one has asthma, it’s important to know what you can do that can make life easier for her.

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