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Are You Tackling Too Much on Your Own?

Caregiver in Laguna Woods CA: Neglecting your own needs doesn't help you or your elderly loved one.

Caregiver in Laguna Woods CA

When you first became a caregiver, you probably thought that it was no big deal to put yourself on the back burner. Unfortunately, that can lead to stress and other health problems for yourself. And it doesn’t give your loved one the best care possible, either.

It’s Not Weak to Ask for Help

Often family caregivers find that they have a difficult time asking anyone else for help. Either family members aren’t interested in helping, or there isn’t anyone close enough to be able to ask for help. As a result, people caring for an elderly loved one train themselves to go it alone. It’s essential that you pay attention to your own needs, and that includes the need for extra help. Whether that’s finding another family member who really can help or hiring home care providers, you have to take that first step.

Support Groups Can Help

Another way that you can care for yourself is to find a support group made up of people who are in a similar situation as yourself. You can find support groups in just about any area, but online support groups can help as well. These give you a forum to answer questions and to help others with experience that you’ve gained from caring for your elderly loved one.

Try Counseling                                  

In some cases, talking one-on-one to a therapist or counselor is incredibly helpful. Perhaps you have a touchy history with your elderly loved one. Situations such as that can bring up a lot of conflicting emotions that make it difficult to take care of your elderly loved one.

Don’t Go Without Time to Yourself

Regardless, you have got to make time for yourself. A regular weekly “date” with yourself to do whatever you need or want to do is ideal because it gives you a chance to breathe and to refresh yourself so that you can continue to care for your loved one. It’s important to be firm with yourself about keeping this time to yourself every week, because it’s all too easy when you care for a loved one to neglect your own needs.

It’s possible to take on too much when you care for an elderly loved one, but it’s dangerous for you to do that for long periods of time.

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