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What Can You Do to Repair Friendships as a Caregiver?

Senior Care in Dana Point CA: Caregiving can take a big toll on friendships, but you might still be able to fix it.
Senior Care in Dana Point CA: Repairing Friendships
Senior Care in Dana Point CA: Repairing Friendships

         Senior Care in Dana Point CA: Repairing Friendships

Caregivers face a lot of different challenges. One that can be really frustrating is what happens to friendships when you become incredibly busy with caregiving duties.

Be the One to Reach Out

This part is often the toughest part, but you might need to be the one to reach out first. Other people who care about you know that you’re a family caregiver and that that means you’re really busy. Over time, they might have learned to just let you be the one to initiate contact. So, if you’re still waiting for them to be the ones to reach out, you might be disappointed.

Find Other Ways to Stay in Touch

How did you stay in touch with the people you care about before you were a caregiver? You might have met up in person a lot more often or you might have had long phone conversations. However you stayed in touch before, that might be more difficult for you to do now. What you might need instead is a new way to keep that relationship going. Text threads that everyone can reply to as they’re able might be more doable now than one long conversation on the phone, for instance.

Keep Track of What’s Going On

A lot can change for you and for the people you care about when you’re not able to stay in touch as much as you want to. One way you can work around this is by adjusting how you stay in touch. For example, emails and text messages allow you to share information as it happens without needing an immediate response. You may also want to start a journal to keep track of what’s going on so that you don’t forget details.

Acknowledge When Relationships Have Changed

Friendships and relationships do change, though. It’s possible that some of the close friendships you had existed because of the environment and the contact that was present at the time. Because of the changes in your life, that might mean that the relationships have changed forever, too. That may not be the horrible thing that it feels it might be at first. Examine what it might take to maintain the relationship and see if that’s even possible.

There’s a lot about being a caregiver that can feel really difficult, like managing your own personal relationships. This is something you need to work through. If you need help, therapists can help you to figure it out.

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