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Hearing Loss Complicates Travel: How to Deal with It

Home Care Services in Newport Coast CA: The National Institutes of Health reports that around 25 percent of people aged 65 to 74 suffer from hearing loss. That number doubles for people who are aged 75 and up.

The National Institute of Health reports that around 25 percent of people aged 65 to 74 suffer from hearing loss.
That number doubles for people who are aged 75 and up. Hearing loss can make some activities more difficult, including travel. With the summer months upon us and many families getting ready for vacations, knowing how to manage hearing problems while traveling can make the vacation easier and more enjoyable for everyone. Below are some tips for dealing with hearing loss while traveling.


Home Care Services in Newport Coast CA: Hearing Loss Complicates Travel


Pack Supplies

If your aging relative uses a hearing aid, be sure to pack all of the supplies you’ll need to keep the device working well. Pack extra batteries. Also, if the batteries are rechargeable, don’t forget to pack the charger. A dehumidifier may also be useful if you’re traveling to a humid climate. A senior care provider can assist with packing before the trip, making sure all the necessary equipment for hearing aid care is included.


Be Prepared to Advocate

Other people may not be able to tell the older adult has hearing loss by looking at them, so be prepared to speak on their behalf, if needed. Or, encourage them to advocate for themselves. Ask servers, tour guides, and others you encounter to look directly at the person and speak clearly.


Get Familiar with the Location

Older adults who have hearing loss may be more comfortable with traveling if they know what to expect ahead of time. Knowing the names of places, important historical aspects or figures, and other information about the destination can make it easier for the senior to understand when they hear the words spoken. A senior care provider can spend some time helping your family member to research the area ahead of time.


Reduce Car Noise

If you’re taking a road trip, the wind and noise from the road can make it difficult for people who don’t hear well to join in the conversation. Some kinds of hearing aids can be programmed to reduce background noises. If their hearing aid does not have that option, it can be helpful to just run off the one that is closest to the window. A senior care provider can help the older adult to learn how to adjust their hearing aid.


Ask for Hearing Impaired Accommodations

Some hotels have special accommodations for people with hearing loss, such as phones and fire alarms with flashing lights. Some venues may also have hearing loops or other kinds of technology to improve the experience for people who are hearing impaired. Call ahead to find out what is available.

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