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Summer Safety Tips for Your Elderly Loved One

If your elderly loved one isn’t able to care for themselves properly in the summer, it is important that you and their elderly care providers help out. The heat can negatively impact your elderly loved one’s life. Dehydration and other issues can be a major problem for elderly people. However, there are some tips that can help you to keep your loved one safe during the summer.


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Keeping Cool

When you are going to visit your elderly loved one, be sure that their air conditioner is working properly. Make sure they have it turned on to keep their home cook. If your elderly loved one can’t remember to turn their air conditioning unit on and off when needed, you or their elderly care providers might have to do this for them.

Keeping Hydrated

It is very important that your elderly loved one keeps hydrated during the summer. They should water available at all times. It would be helpful if you put water bottles throughout their home. This way they will have water that is easily accessible. In addition, putting water bottles throughout their home will remind them that they need to be drinking more water. If they don’t drink enough water, they could become dehydrated.

Avoiding the Peak Hours

The temperatures are usually at their hottest between 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. You should try to limit the time that your elderly loved one is outdoors during these hours. If they are going to be outdoors in this time frame, be sure you find cooler or shaded areas for them. In addition, if your elderly loved one will be outdoors during these peak hours, you should make sure they aren’t doing any intense activities. You should also make sure your loved one has water available if they are going to be outdoors.

Appropriately Dressing

During the summer, it is important that your elderly loved one is dressing in the proper clothing. They need to have light-colored, lightweight clothing. Buying clothes for your elderly loved ones that are breathable would be best. They would also benefit from wearing sunglasses, hats, and suntan lotion.

Regular Check-Ins

It is important that your elderly loved one isn’t left alone for too long at once during the summer. Someone should check in on them at least once a day. Make sure they are safe and staying hydrated.

These are some of the summer safety tips that will help to keep your elderly loved one safe. Have your elderly loved one follow these tips to ensure that they stay hydrated and safe all summer long.


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