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Exercise and Eating Right for Dementia: What Do You Need to Know?

Did you know that exercising is more than just managing weight? It also helps to keep one’s mental state better, improves focus, reduces memory loss, creates a healthier lifestyle, and much more. If you have an elderly loved one who has dementia, there are some things that you should know about exercise for them.


Home Care Services in Irvine CA: Eating Right for Dementia
Home Care Services in Irvine CA: Eating Right for Dementia

In addition to exercise, you should make sure your elderly loved one is eating right, too. This will help to keep their mental state intact for longer and offer many other benefits.


Getting More Physical Activity

It is important that you and the home care providers are encouraging your loved one to get more physical activity. If your elderly loved one exercise regularly, this can improve their lung health, heart health, and overall health. It can also increase the oxygen flow throughout their body. By getting regular physical activity, your elderly loved one can also boost the blood flow and oxygen to their brain.


Eating Healthier

You and home care providers should also encourage your elderly loved one to eat healthier. Everyone should have enough whole grains, vegetables, and fruits in their diet. If your elderly loved one has dementia, it is even more important for them to eat healthier. Foods such as strawberries, blueberries, apples, and some legumes are filled with antioxidants. Each one of these foods can help to slow down the progression of your elderly loved one’s condition. They can help your loved one to have more “better days”, too.


Keeping Their Brain Active

If your elderly loved one has dementia, they need to keep their brain activity to help fight off the symptoms of dementia. While there isn’t a cure at this time for dementia, that doesn’t mean your elderly loved one can’t slow down the progression of their disease. It is important for you and your loved one’s home care providers to challenge their minds. This can be done by having them play an instrument, do a puzzle, finishing a crossword, and by reading.



Exercise and eating right can help your elderly loved one if they have dementia. This disease can be terrifying and there isn’t a cure for it. However, if you can get your elderly loved one to exercise and eat healthier on a regular basis, it could help to slow down the progression of their disease. Talk to your loved one and get them on an exercise plan and meal plan regimen today.


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