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The Importance of Staying Active After 70

Cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, and heart disease are all chronic conditions that are common in seniors. To lower the risk of developing one or more of these health issues, doctors recommend daily exercise.


Home Care in San Clemente CA: Importance of Staying Active
Home Care in San Clemente CA: Importance of Staying Active


There are several other reasons to remain active after 70. From strengthening bones to reducing the risk of a fall, your mom and dad need to stay physically active. How can you make sure they do?


Find Activities They Love

For years, some people learned to hate physical activities because of gym classes. Depending on your parent’s age, thoughts of the Presidential Physical Fitness Test may come to mind. Everyone had to participate and your grade in the gym usually depended on how well you did on the tests ranging from rope climbing to push-ups.

If your parent wasn’t one of the more athletic types, it’s likely they dealt with ridicule during the gym class. It ended up being a great way to get some kids to absolutely hate gym and physical fitness activities. Does that sound like your mom or dad?

Help them learn that being active is much more than how many pull-ups you can do or how fast you can run. If you introduce them to new activities like disc golf or orienteering, they will eventually find an activity they love.


Join Them in Whatever Activities They Do Love

Like most parents, it can be hard for your parents to say no. If you join them in their activities, they’re more likely to stick with them. If possible, join them once a week for a walk on a nature path. Look at paths that circle state parks, nature preserves, and even wildlife sanctuaries.

Sign you and your mom and dad up for a yoga class. If you’re going to be there for support, your parent is more likely to attend. If you have to, ask them to go to support you and not the other way around.


Make Sure They Have a Buddy for Activities

Activities are more fun when you’re not alone. Many seniors find themselves feeling lonely or isolated after retirement. Don’t let that happen to your mom and dad. If you can’t spend time with them, see if family or friends can. If not, look into elder care.

Elder care services provide help with meals and household chores. Caregivers are companions. Your parent gains someone to walk with, play games with, or have for support while working out. Learn more by calling an agency now.

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