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Finding it Difficult to Track a Loved One’s Medication? There is an App for That

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For those of you who are the primary caregivers for your elderly parents, you are probably responsible for keeping the elder’s medication organized and ensuring that they take it on time. Home-Care-in-San-Juan-Capistrano-CAFortunately, there are ways to make sure that you do not forget about the elder’s pills and it only involves some constant attention and a few technology skills. Here are a few ways you can help your aging parent manage their medication with the help of technology.

  • Tricella Pillbox. This tool has the appearance of a regular pillbox, but has more perks than a typical one. For starters, the Tricella Pillbox will share information with the elder’s physical and home care provider because it is also paired with an app. It begins tracking the elder’s medication information once they open the box. It will also track if the senior took the wrong dosage or wrong medication. This technologically advanced item can be pre-ordered for about $75.
  • Medisafe iConnect. This item comes in two different versions – the iCap and iSort. The iCap comes with a Bluetooth-enabled cap that should replace the cap of the senior’s pill bottles. The iSort has a pillbox design that also uses Bluetooth technology. Both versions track when the pillbox or bottle are opened, which is then sent to the Medisafe app. If the elder is unable to remember if they took their medication, the caregiver can check the app on their smartphone, which will tell them what pills have been taken. Reminders can also be sent to alert the elder of when they should be taking their medication.
  • PillDrill. Similar to the other two devices, the PillDrill tracks when certain medications have been administered, as well as sending alerts when it is time to take their pills. The difference between the PillDrill and the other two devices is that an app is not used. Instead, it relies on a Wi-Fi-enabled hub by adding special sensors to each pill bottle. Whenever the elder takes a pill, they need to wave the sensor on that bottle over the hub in order to record all of their actions. This device also includes a “mood cube,” which includes emoji-style faces on each side of the six-sided cube. The elder can scan the face of the cube that best describes how they are feeling. This will enable them to share how they are feeling by sending this information directly to their doctor or caregiver.


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