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Coping with the Behavioral Changes of Dementia

Senior Care in San Clemente CA: Dementia is a set of symptoms that accompany many diseases, the most common one being Alzheimer’s.

Senior Care in San Clemente CA

Dementia is a set of symptoms that accompany many diseases, the most common one being Alzheimer’s. These symptoms include loss of memory and reasoning along with behavioral changes that may consist of increased aggression and irritation as well as depression. These changes in behavior can cause severe disruption with those in their immediate environment, particularly family caregivers. Those that spend the most time with family members that are affected by this disease often bear the brunt of its effects.

It’s a Disease

It’s important to remember that what is occurring is not due to your parent’s personality changing or conscious intention on their part. The effects you are seeing are due to a disease that is destroying their brain cells. Remembering this can help you keep a healthy perspective and not take the changes personally.


Look for patterns that develop. Is your loved one in a certain place when they become agitated? Has a certain topic been broached when they begin to appear irritated? There may be visual cues, such as pacing, right before they become tense which may then develop into aggression. Once you determine what environmental situations set off a reaction, you can limit their occurrences.

If a discussion about obtaining home care leaves them irritated, minimize the conversation until you are putting it into effect. If you’ve noticed the visitation or phone call by a certain friend leaves them agitated, it may be time to limit their connections. If trips to areas with large crowds leave them confused, keep outings to areas that are void of too much stimulation.

Modifying Behavior

Though you can’t always prevent these behavioral changes from manifesting, you can create an environment that minimizes the chances of them erupting. This includes keeping their home as stress free as possible. Keep background noise to a minimum. Request that those that visit maintain a gentle tone and demeanor. Try soothing rituals such as offering relaxing herbal teas mid-afternoon and suggesting warm aromatic salt baths before bed. Simplify their daily routine to avoid confusion.

Senior Care Provider

Senior care providers have worked with countless elders facing this disease. They have learned communication skills that help them help your parent. They can assist with the daily activities of living as well as nurture relaxing rituals that can help your parent maintain a sense of peace. They can prepare brain-healthy meals and accompany your parent on daily walks as well as provide that all-important companionship.


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