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What Could Be Causing Your Aging Relative’s Depression?

Around 6 million older adults in the United States suffer from depression. Although depression is common in elderly Americans, that does not mean that it is normal or something your aging relative just has to live with. But, sadly, only about 10 percent of older adults with depression receive treatment for the condition. Sometimes the first step in dealing with a loved one’s depression is understanding what might be causing it.


Home Care in Dana Point CA: Senior Depression
Home Care in Dana Point CA: Senior Depression


Types of Depression

There are a few different kinds of depressive disorders, such as:


Major Depression: This kind of depression has severe and serious symptoms. It affects a person’s everyday life, including their ability to sleep, eat, and enjoy life. Sometimes a person experiences major depression just once in their lifetime, but it usually happens several times.


Persistent Depression: When a person has persistent depression, the experience lasts for two or more years. Sometimes a person with persistent depression has periods in which they have major depression along with times when the symptoms are not as severe. However, the depression must go on for two or more years to be diagnosed with persistent depression.


Causes of Elderly Depression

The causes of depression in older adults vary and may be specific to the individual. However, there are several risk factors that make depression more likely. Some of those risk factors are:


-Gender: Women are diagnosed with depression more often than men.


-Being Without a Partner: People who are single, divorced, or widowed get depression more frequently than those with partners.


-Lack of Social Network: Older adults who don’t have access to social interaction may experience depression.


-Difficult Life Events: Serious illness or the loss of a loved one are examples of life events that may lead to depression.


-Family History: Having other family members with depression puts a senior at greater risk.


-Health Conditions: Chronic health conditions, some medications, and brain disorders are all risk factors for depression.


Elder care can help to manage symptoms of depression or even prevent it.

Elder care can help older adults to remain more socially engaged with their peers. An elder care can provide transportation to activities and assist older adults to entertain friends and family members at home. Elder care can also help seniors with chronic illnesses to remain in better health by making healthy meals, reminding them to take medications, and making the home a cleaner, more pleasant place to live. Should a difficult life event occur, an elder care provider can be someone to lean on and talk to.


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