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What Can You Do as a Caregiver When You Have Half an Hour to Yourself?

Elder Care in Laguna Woods CA: Often a caregiver with a few minutes just to herself feels lost. Here are some ideas that can help.

You might think that you’ll never have half an hour to yourself, but if you start looking for those little gifts of time you might find them much more often. Here’s what you can do with that little sliver of time.


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Write in Your Journal

Journaling can be a powerful way for you to sort through how you feel about being a caregiver. Many caregivers also have complicated relationships with their care recipients. Journaling can help to work through those emotions. If you’re not ready to delve into your feelings, your journal might be a way for you to catalog and keep track of what happened on a given day.


Call a Friend

Many caregivers are so busy that they tend to lose touch with friends and family members. With a few spare minutes, you can reach out to a friend that you haven’t talked to in a while. Just the act of reaching out to someone that you care about can help you to feel less alone in your current situation.


Spend Some Time in Nature

Spending time in nature is an excellent way for you to destress and to get back in touch with the world outside of your caregiving situation. If you can take the time to watch a sunrise or sunset, that’s even better. Find a favorite spot that is convenient for you and make an effort to spend a little time there every day.



If you love reading but find it difficult to manage the time to read, use random moments here and there. You can read fiction or non-fiction, but the point is to grab that time when you have it. You might want to start keeping a book in progress in your bag or load electronic copies on your phone or tablet to have handy.


Assess Your Personal Goals

When you’re busy all the time, you might forget that you have goals and plans for your own life and personal development. One thing that you can do with a few spare minutes here and there is to take a look at your most recent goals and assess whether those are still your goals and how far away you are from accomplishing what you want to achieve.


Take a Walk

When all else doesn’t feel right, take a walk. Walking for just a few minutes helps to get your blood flowing and gives you some much-needed exercise. You’ll sleep better and you’ll improve your mood faster than you think.

You might be tempted to use this time to do something for your elderly family member or for someone else, but it’s much better for you to do something for yourself. Set aside a page or two in your journal to list activities you can do for yourself in a few minutes so that you never have to worry about drawing a blank.


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