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Are Voice Control Gadgets Helpful for the Elderly?

There’s no doubt that voice control gadgets make certain aspects of life easier. After all, who wouldn’t want to simply speak a few words and have things around the house respond? Whether it seems like science fiction or magic, voice control gadgets are growing more popular every month. While most people look at these devices as fun or are eager to have cutting-edge technology, there’s one group of people that can really benefit from voice-controlled gadgets—elderly people.


Elderly Care in San Clemente CA: Voice Controlled Gadgets and Seniors
Elderly Care in San Clemente CA: Voice Controlled Gadgets and Seniors


Limitations That Seniors May Face

As the body ages, certain functions diminish, like eyesight, reflexes, balance and temperature regulation. Illness and injury can also cause impairments, like arthritis, strokes, and diabetes. Seniors may also have some other physical or mental limitations that make it harder for them to get around and do things throughout the house that they used to. Many seniors struggle to do daily tasks due to these obstacles.

Elderly people are also the group most likely to be bedridden. This means they have to stay in bed for long periods of time and usually only get around with the help of family caregivers or senior care assistants. Voice control gadgets can positively change the way an elderly person interacts with their environment.


How Voice Control Gadgets Can Help

Some of the most popular voice control gadgets on the market center around home life. There are devices that can control the lights, adjust the thermostat, vacuum and even move the blinds. From single gadgets to an entire home system, there are lots of options for seniors to make managing their home a lot easier.


-Entertainment is another area that has a lot of voice-controlled gadgets. Smart TVs respond to voice commands to change channels, adjust volume and even find specific shows and movies. Alarm clocks with voice control features can deliver weather forecasts, read the top headlines of the day, deliver sports scores and allow users to turn alarms on and of using just their voice.


-Daily tasks are infinitely easier for elderly people when they use digital personal assistants. Activated only by voice, these assistants can make to-do or shopping lists, deliver reminders, set alarms, search addresses, read the news and read audiobooks, just to name a few. They can answer simple questions, play music, tune in to local radio stations, tell jokes, report the day and time, and much more.


-Family caregivers are definitely dedicated and diligent when it comes to taking care of their elderly relatives, However, many seniors get frustrated with always having to ask relatives or senior care assistants to do simple tasks for them. With the right voice-controlled gadgets, aging loved ones can regain some of their independence and enjoy controlling their environment so that it meets their immediate needs.


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