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2017’s Top Three Scams Seniors Fall For and How to Avoid Them

Elder Care in Dana Point CA: Consumer Law Center reports that as many as 8 out of 10 telemarketing calls are specifically targeted to the elderly. Telemarketers tap into an elderly person's desire to have someone to talk to.

Consumer Law Center reports that as many as 8 out of 10 telemarketing calls are specifically targeted to the elderly. Telemarketers tap into an elderly person’s desire to have someone to talk to. Seniors are also likely to trust someone they feel is an expert in their field. It’s believed that up to $40 billion ends up in the hands of scammers, and that’s just counting phone call scams.


Elder Care in Dana Point CA: Scams Seniors Fall For


Here are the top three scams of 2017 per Better Business Bureau records.
Teach your mom or dad about these scams and use these tips to help them avoid them.


Phishing Emails and Phone Calls

Scammers use all methods of contact to scam people out of personal information and money. Your mom or dad may get a phone call stating their credit card has been breached and that they need to give the caller their credit card number. An official-looking email comes in from their bank stating someone tried to access their account.

Both of those situations are scams that hundreds of people fall for. If your mom or dad get a call or email, make sure they know to never give out information. They should hang up and call their bank. They’ll find the contact number on the back of their debit or credit card. The agent will be able to tell them if there is really a problem.


Travel Scams

Your mom gets a postcard in the mail saying she’s qualified for a discounted vacation or cruise. It turns out the free overnight or discounted vacation requires her to listen to a salesperson try to talk her into purchasing a timeshare.

When it comes to free or sharply discounted travel rates, it’s rarely a valid offer. Your mom should investigate the company before calling back or giving out any contact information.


Online Shopping Scams

Your mom was on Facebook and saw a product she needs for a great price. She clicked the Facebook ad, ordered the product, and it never arrived. The company swears it was delivered, but she doesn’t have it and they won’t refund her money.

This is a growing trend. It’s important that your mom or dad does not order from an online ad without checking for online reviews. Many of these items are available on Amazon, so your parents can by the item from a reputable store and avoid the scam.

Many seniors fall for scams because they want someone to talk to. Enlist the help of an elderly care professional to make sure your parent isn’t lonely. Caregivers provide companionship and a number of other helpful services designed to allow your parent to age at home. Learn more by calling an elderly care agency today.

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