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Join Your Mom and Try These Unusual Hobbies During National Craft Month

Spend National Craft Month learning something new with your mom. Most people think of elderly-friendly hobbies as being things like knitting, needlepoint, or quilting. While those are enjoyable, they may not intrigue your mom enough to get her hooked. Here are four hobbies that aren’t as typical and can be a lot of fun when you start doing them together.

Elderly Care in Huntington Beach CA: Senior Crafts
Elderly Care in Huntington Beach CA: Senior Crafts

Homemade Skin Care Products

Have you ever thought about trying a craft where you create your own skin care products? It’s a fun hobby that doesn’t require too many extras. Your biggest expenses are the essential oils, ingredients like coconut oil, and small containers to store things in.

Some of the popular skincare products you can make are body lotions, soaps, lip balms, and body sprays. You can find recipes and instructions online or purchase books like Essential Oils: All-Natural Remedies With Recipes For Your Mind, Body, and Home.


Pyrography is more commonly called wood burning. This art involves using a soldering iron, laser cutter, or even piece of metal that’s heated in a fire to burn lines and shapes on wood, leather, or other solid objects capable of burning. Some people burn images into gourds. Those lines and shapes join together to create artistic patterns or pictures of people or things.


Quilling is a paper art that uses strips of paper that are rolled up and shaped and glued into works of art. You can use these paper rolls to make everything from pictures of a flower garden to tiny 3-D models. Little is needed for this hobby. Usually, glue, tweezers, and a tool to help shape the curl.

Paper can be taken from anywhere or purchased at craft stores. Different thicknesses and colors help form unique works of art.

Stained Glass

If you have a little money to invest, stained glass is a satisfying hobby. You’re looking at a few hundred dollars for a starter kit. This kit includes your glass grinder, glass cutter, soldering iron, solder, pliers, glass pieces, and more. You’ll need safety glasses to protect your eyes and an instructional booklet to get you started.

As you learn the craft, you can build window hangings and work your way up to entire stained glass windows. You do need some room to work, so make sure you have space in a garage or workshop.

You can’t always be with your mom. Even if you’re providing care as a family caregiver, you need time off for your own errands and appointments. Make sure you look into respite care services from a senior care agency. Aides take over while you go out, and you have peace of mind that your mom is never alone. Call a senior care agency to discuss pricing.

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