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Can You Dementia-Proof a Kitchen?

Senior Care in San Juan Capistrano CA: When a senior has dementia some of her favorite rooms, like the kitchen, can become a little bit more dangerous.

If your elderly family member has been diagnosed with dementia, you’re likely increasingly concerned about her safety. One of the rooms you need to safety-proof first might be the kitchen.

Home Care Services in Goodyear AZ: Dementia Proof Kitchen

Consider Disabling Some Appliances

Depending on your elderly family member’s current status, some appliances might do more harm than good. The oven, for instance, might be a problem. Disabling those appliances, either by unplugging them or by having a repair technician disable it mechanically, can be an option. Locking mechanisms can be an option, too.

Hide or Remove Some Items

Some items, like knives, may be better hidden or removed entirely. Child safety locks are an excellent way to secure a cabinet or a drawer, and you can still access those items when necessary. If your elderly family member still does enjoy cooking, it might be an option to find safer versions of some of those kitchen tools.

Throw Rugs and Mats Can Be a Tripping Hazard

You might not consider them a problem, but kitchen mats and throw rugs can be a huge tripping hazard. This is especially a problem when your elderly family member is carrying pots, pans, or anything else in the kitchen. Removing these floor coverings is a great way to reduce the risk that your senior might trip in her kitchen.

Cleaning Supplies Need to Be Locked Away

Sometimes cleaning supplies look a lot different to your senior as she advances through the stages of dementia. The brightly-colored liquids could start to look appealing and so many cleaning products come in colorful pod shapes that look a lot like candy. These types of products can be incredibly dangerous if not fatal if your senior gives in to those urges to taste. Keeping the items locked away is the best option.

Consider Having Someone Else Do the Cooking

One of the best ways to keep your senior safe in the kitchen is to help ensure that she doesn’t need to spend much time at all there. Having home care providers take over the cooking can help your elderly family member to be much safer and you’ll be sure of what she’s eating. Home care providers can help her to stick to a healthy way of eating that can ensure she gets as much nutrients into each day as possible.

Work with your elderly family member to determine what her safety concerns are. If she’s in the later stages of dementia, you may need to make some of those decisions for her. Take the time to determine what might pose some of the biggest threats to your senior.

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