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Tips on Washing an Elderly Person’s Hair

Keeping an elderly relative safe, healthy and clean is the most important parts of being a family caregiver.

Personal hygiene is important in maintaining an aging loved one’s health, including washing their hair regularly. A clean scalp and hair are an important part of how they feel about themselves, as well as resisting chronic conditions and diseases.


Elder Care in San Juan Capistrano CA: Washing a Senior's Hair
Elder Care in San Juan Capistrano CA: Washing a Senior’s Hair


However, many family caregivers quickly learn that washing their relative’s hair can become a real challenge. Elderly adults can have all kinds of reasons for disliking their hair washed. They could be embarrassed that they need help or they may be worried about slipping and falling in the tub or shower. Whatever the reason, family caregivers can prepare themselves and their loved one for regular washing in the easiest and most efficient manner.


Set a Schedule

If the family caregiver and the elderly person set a schedule to wash hair, both sides will be prepared for it. Contrary to popular belief, an elderly person’s hair only needs washed every week or so. Family caregivers can use alternative options in between, such as dry shampoo or no-rinse shampoos. If the process is causing stress for the aging adult, family caregivers can schedule it less often.


Isolate the Experience

There’s no rule that an elderly person must wash their hair when they shower or bathe. While it’s important to keep the body clean and wash it every few days, the hair can go for a week or more without washing. Elderly people may be more comfortable bathing and showering, then focusing on their hair washing another time. Many prefer getting their hair washed in the sink when they can remain fully clothed.


Bring in an Expert

Sometimes seniors respond better to someone other than their family caregiver. A home care aide can take care of the hair washing, as well as the showering or bathing, on a regular basis. With a home care aide, seniors can experience the professionalism of the caregiver where it seems more businesslike instead of their family member, which is more emotional.


Mobile Salon Services

There are many mobile salon services that cater to homebound seniors and disabled people. Licensed and certified stylists come to the home and do everything from haircuts and shampooing to perms and coloring. They usually do manicure and pedicures as well. When the elderly person feels like they are being pampered, they are more likely to comply and get their hair washed.

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