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How Do Your Senior’s Hands Change as She Ages?

Homecare in San Juan Capistrano CA: Lots of things change as your elderly family member grows older, including her hands.

Lots of changes happen for your senior as she grows older. Her hands can experience far more transformations than she may have expected them to undergo.


Homecare in San Juan Capistrano CA: Senior Aging Hands



They Can Lose Grip Strength

Many people are surprised to find that as they age, they’re not able to do as much as they used to do with their hands. Jars and packages may be more difficult to open and some tools that rely on grip strength may be more difficult for her to use. Having elder care providers on hand when you can’t be there can help your senior to have the help she needs when she needs it.


They Can Also Lose Bone Density

Just as your elderly family member can lose bone density in other parts of her body, she can also do so in her hands. In fact, when your elderly family member’s doctor tests her bone density, he’s likely to do so with a machine that tests either her hands or her feet. If your elderly family member is losing bone density, her doctor may recommend a variety of different treatments to help her avoid broken bones.


They Might Be Colder than They Used to Be

Your senior’s hands are considered an extremity, just like her feet. If she has poor circulation or circulatory issues, she may feel that her hands and her feet are much colder than they used to be. this can be uncomfortable for your elderly family member, so pay attention to ways to help her keep her hands warmer, even if it’s not all that cold in the room.


Her Skin May Appear Thinner

As your senior ages, the layer of fat just underneath her skin is likely to thin quite a bit. This makes her skin appear to be much thinner than it used to be. This can be most obvious in her hands, since the layer of fat is already very thin on the hands. Your senior may find that she’s bruising much easier on her hands than she ever used to, as well. It’s a good idea to bring this up with her doctor to get to the root cause of the bruising.

Some of the changes that your senior experiences in her hands might be disconcerting to her. Make sure that you talk with her doctor about any dramatic changes because there may be something that you can do, whether that involves medications that can help or physical therapy to bring back some strength.


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