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Simple Tips to Make Airline Travel Less Stressful

Elder Care in Newport Coast CA

The summer months mean travel for many families and if you are going to be enjoying an adventure with your senior this year, it is important that you prepare ahead of time so that you can makeElder-Care-in-Newport-Coast-CA your trip as enjoyable and low-stress as possible. While a road trip is the classic way to go for a summer vacation, many families that are going long distances or who are traveling with potentially vulnerable travelers such as elderly adults choose to take a plane instead. Flying is a faster means of travel, but it can also be confusing and stressful, especially for seniors. Taking the time to prepare your parent and to take the proper steps during your travel can make your experience far more enjoyable and prevent stress that could have negative implications for your parent’s health and wellbeing.


Use these tips to help make airline travel less stressful:

  • Bring along help. Just because you are shaking up your routine with a vacation does not mean that your aging parent is not going to need the same type of care and assistance that they do when they are at home. In fact, they are likely to need even more thanks to the changes in their activities and experiences while away from home. Bringing along an elder care provider can make a tremendous difference in the success of the trip. This care provider can ensure that your parent is getting the support, assistance, and care that they need while you are focused on other tasks of the trip such as getting through security and making sure that your children are under control.
  • Avoid checking baggage. If at all possible, avoid checking baggage for your flight. Not only do most airlines charge checked baggage fees now, but managing this luggage can add a tremendous amount of stress and hassle to your day. You must drop the luggage off, ensure that it is the right weight, go pick it up at the other end of your flight, and face the possibility that the luggage might get lost. Instead, check with the airline to determine their carryon luggage policies. Usually airlines allow one carryon bag as well as a “personal item” such as a purse or briefcase. If packed carefully these can contain a considerable amount of clothing and other items.
  • Dress carefully. The security measures of the TSA have become extensive in recent years, sometimes adding an hour or more of screenings and delays to getting onto a flight. You can minimize this and make your passage through security much smoother by dressing carefully. Avoid layers and excessively baggy clothing. Do not wear belts or other items with metal on them. Avoid clothing with pockets. If possible, wear flip-flops so that removing your shoes is easier. This can be especially helpful for a senior who suffers from cognitive limitations or challenges that may make it confusing or frightening for them to go through this process.


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