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Father’s Day

Elderly Care in Tustin CA: No matter what efforts you offer your aging father, your parent-child relationship is always the most important element of your care journey with them.

Elderly Care in Tustin CA

No matter what efforts you offer your aging father, your parent-child relationship is always the most important element of your care journey with them. It is important that you take the time to focus on this relationship as often as possible so that you can reaffirm your love for your parent, keep your relationship strong, and ensure that you carry the meaning of your care journey on well after it comes to an end. June 19 is Father’s Day. This is the perfect opportunity for you to show your love for your aging parent and take a step away from your usual routine to make some memories with him.


Let these ideas inspire you for activities that you can do with your parent or gifts that you can give to him to celebrate Father’s Day:

  • Enjoy a day of restaurants. Eating out is a special treat for most people and is often a rare event for older adults. If your aging parent is a “foodie”, make Father’s Day all about indulging that love of food. Plan to visit several different restaurants for meals throughout the day, or spread out your eating by going on an “appetizer tour”. Sharing a small plate or two at different restaurants lets you and your parent try different flavors without overdoing it on the eating.
  • Revisit favorite sports. Your aging father might not be ready to hit the football field for a game but that does not mean that you cannot have sports-related fun together on Father’s Day. Look for ways that you can enjoy your parent’s favorite sport that address his limitations and challenges in realistic ways. If he loves baseball, for example, consider visiting a batting cage to hit a few balls or get tickets to a local game and have a nostalgic afternoon together.
  • Honor his impact on your family. Plan a way to honor your parent that shows how he impacts all of the people in your family. If your children love many of the same things as your parent, find pictures of your parent enjoying those activities and then take similar ones of your children. Have these printed into a hard-backed photo book to present to your loved one. This will be meaningful to him now and a treasured keepsake for you later.
  • Give him the gift of fun. Especially if you are a distance caregiver it can seem like you are never involved enough in your parent’s life. This does not have to mean, however, that you cannot let him enjoy himself on Father’s Day and even after. Plan a gift that he can enjoy with the help of an elderly care provider. This will show him that you love him and are thinking about him, and let him get some extra activity into his routine. Consider activities such as purchasing tickets to a museum or historical site that he would enjoy or sending a puzzle that appeals to his interests that he and an elder home care provider can solve together.


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