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7 Ways to Show Love to Aging Parents

Caregivers in Irvine CA: 7 Ways to Show Love to Aging Parents
Caregivers in Irvine CA: 7 Ways to Show Love to Aging Parents

Aging parents and adult children are definitely adjusting to new roles, and sometimes it can lead to stress, frustration and even arguments. Adult children are not used to being the caregiver, and parents may feel worry and stress as health issues and more reduce their abilities.

Now, more than ever, adult children need to take the time to show love toward their aging parents. When family bonds are strong and each family member knows they are cherished and appreciated, they’ll be able to face whatever the future brings.

Here are 7 ways that adult children can show love to aging parents:

  1. Give a meaningful gift. It doesn’t have to be expensive or elaborate, but it should be thoughtful. A small gift can send the message that they are important and that their adult children know their likes and dislikes. It can be something as simple as a card or movie tickets, or something more for a special day like a birthday.
  2. Plan an outing: Seniors often don’t get out as much as they used to and a well-planned outing can mean the world to aging parents. Not only are they seeing something new, they get to enjoy quality time with their adult child.
  3. Take a class together: There are all kinds of classes out there that can bring aging parents and adult children closer together, like cooking, art, music, tai chi, and even computer classes. Learning something new together is a wonderful way to let aging parents know that their grown kids still want to spend time together exploring the world.
  4. Perform acts of service: Nothing says love like performing acts of service for aging parents. It can be something like doing chores around the house, preparing meals or taking care of financial worries. Adult children that are moving into the role of senior caregiver will have lots of opportunities to provide service.
  5. Make their life easier: Aging parents may struggle to care for themselves in the same way they used to, especially if illness and injury are starting to slow them down. A home care service can help them out with cleaning, cooking, transportation and more, giving seniors peace of mind that they and their home are well-cared for.
  6. Focus on hugs and kisses. It’s much easier for young children to demonstrate affection for their parents with hugs and kisses, but adult children often find it much harder to do so. Physical affection is important for aging parents, letting them know they are truly loved.
  7. Taking time to say it: Although it seems easy enough, actually saying “I love you” can be difficult for many adults. Because aging parents may not hear words of affection as much anymore, when adult children express their feelings it can be extra special to them.

Aging parents are more likely to go for long periods of time without receiving expressions of love as they grow more isolated and become less mobile. It’s never too late for adult children to focus on ways to express love to their parents. Especially as the roles shift from dependent child to more of a family caregiver role, adult children can ensure that their parents feel valued and loved no matter what.

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