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Pets Your Parents Can Handle When a Dog is Too Much

Medical research has found many things over the years. Three studies found that pet owners had lower cholesterol levels. One found that people with pets are less likely to have diabetes or use tobacco. Studies have found that dog owners have lower numbers when it comes to blood pressure.


Senior Care in San Juan Capistrano CA: Senior Pets
Senior Care in San Juan Capistrano CA: Senior Pets



People with pets have increased motivation to heal after an illness or surgery.
They are less likely to be depressed or suffer from anxiety. What do you do if you want your parents to enjoy the benefits of pet ownership, but you worry that a dog is too much work for a parent with mobility issues? There are other pets your parents could adopt.



Cats can be pretty independent, but they’re also very affectionate. They will sit for hours on your lap while you read a book or watch a movie. Beyond food and water, brushing, and a clean litter box, they don’t require too much care.

One thing that keeps people from enjoying cats is the clawing a cat can do. If you invest in and train your cat to use things like cat trees and corrugated cardboard scratch trays, your cat will learn where it is appropriate to claw.



While you cannot snuggle a fish, they are very soothing to watch. A small tank with a few neon tetras isn’t hard to keep clean. The sounds of the bubbling water is also relaxing and helps to de-stress. Consider having the fish tank in an area your mom or dad frequents, such as a living room or family room.

For care, most fish just need clean water and some flakes or pellets of food each day. If you limit the number of fish in the tank and keep the tank out of direct sunlight, it’s unlikely you’ll have to clean the tank more than once every few weeks.



People hear the word “rat” and often cringe. The truth is rats are very social, inquisitive, friendly pets. If handled from a young age, they’re often happy to have an owner pet them, comb their fur, and feed them treats.

Basic care of a rat isn’t too strenuous or difficult. They need a cage and wood pellets or shavings that are cleaned out regularly. The need food and water daily. They need a chance to stretch their legs while exploring a room for an hour or so each day. Beyond that, they don’t need much more than love and attention from time to time.


Your parents can have the same benefits by having regular visits from friends and family. If you live hours away, hire elder care aides to provide companionship. Your parents have someone visiting regularly for socialization and help around the house.

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