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How Snacking Can Improve Your Senior Care Efforts

Senior Care in Newport Coast CA

From tiny pieces of celery smeared with peanut butter and dotted with raisins and little bags of teddy bear-shaped graham crackers, to bowls of buttered popcorn and seemingly endless bags ofSenior-Care-in-Newport-Coast-CA potato chips, snacks may seem like something of either childhood or mindless entertainment. The truth, however, is that with the right choices and the proper timing, snacking can actually be a highly beneficial part of your senior care efforts for your elderly parent. By embracing snacking rather than trying to hide away from it, you can help your parent maintain better health and a more enjoyable lifestyle.


Some of the ways that snacking can improve your senior care efforts include:

  • Curbing cravings. One of the main issues with the three meals a day concept is that these meals are so far apart you tend to get hungry in between them. This means that your body is in need of fuel and nutrients, and if you do not give it what it needs, you are going to start experiencing cravings. These cravings are not only uncomfortable, but they can be disastrous for your healthy eating and weight control efforts. Eating healthy snacks in between meals diminishes these cravings so you do not deal with the hunger pangs all day. These hunger pangs can lead to anxiety, irritability, and physical symptoms such as headaches, all of which can be particularly troublesome for your elderly parent.
  • Controlling mealtime eating. If you do not control the cravings that occur between meals, by the time that you get to mealtime, you are going to be ravenous. This means that you are going to eat more quickly and in larger bites. Before you know it, you have eaten far more than you intended to, consuming excess calories and becoming uncomfortably full. Snacking helps you stay under control when you are at meals so that you do not overdo it with the fat and calories.
  • Healthy nutrition. Getting all of the nutrition that your body needs on a daily basis into your diet can seem daunting at the beginning of the day. You may struggle to find ways to get all of the protein, fiber, vitamins, and healthy fats that you need into just your three meals. This can be especially true for an elderly adult who deals with a suppressed appetite or chewing and swallowing problems. Mealtimes can be challenging and he may not want to eat as much as he needs at that time. Offering healthy snacks throughout the day is a way to introduce these nutrients into his diet in smaller, more approachable quantities so he is more likely to eat and enjoy them.
  • Improved physical condition. Studies have shown that your metabolism works more quickly in the time immediately following eating. This not only means you are burning more calories so you are less likely to pack on the pounds, but also that your body is working more efficiently. If you consistently provide your body with fuel, it will work better, have more energy, and stay better protected from issues such as suppressed immune system, low blood sugar, and even the pain of ulcers.


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