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Transportation Options for Seniors

Senior Care in Huntington Beach CA: Transportation Options for Seniors

If your loved one has recently lost their driving privileges, they may feel a deep sense of loss. This is just one more reminder of their physical abilities that seem to be changing with each passing day. Depending on your loved one’s general outlook on life, this can feel like the end of the world or just a little dip in the road. Emotions range from a feeling that their life is inalterably changed to it won’t be so bad being chauffeured around.

How you can Help Bring out the Positive

Setting up alternative solutions for your parent to get out in the world will go a long way in helping them embrace this change with a positive outlook. Make transportation a part of their caregiving schedule; this includes social outings and events, medical appointments, shopping, errands and visits with family and friends.

In addition to family, friends and neighbors that volunteer to help with providing transportation, there are public services designed with seniors in mind.

  • Many communities offer door-to-door transportation for homebound seniors. These are volunteer organizations that stay with the rider from pick-up to return home, leaving your parent with a sense of security. They help with bringing in the groceries and assisting them in and out of the various locations they are visiting. Often this becomes a socially engaging activity with the drivers fostering an endearing relationship. Check with the local senior community center regarding this service.
  • Drive a Senior is a national organization designed to offer free rides for seniors. They offer curb-to-curb, door-to-door and door-through-door service, depending on the needs of the senior. They also have vans that drive groups to regularly needed places such as the grocery store, bank and pharmacy, offering a group outing and an increased opportunity to socialize. In 2016 they provided more than 30,000 rides. To find one in your area, visit driveasenior.org.
  • If public transportation is available in their area, most will offer reduced rates for seniors and all have handicap accessibility including wheelchair lifts. If your loved one is uncomfortable using this service, consider riding with them on their first few trips to help them get comfortable with the process. If you are unable to assist, consider obtaining the services of a senior care provider who can assist in this area.
  • A senior care provider can also provide transportation on an ongoing basis. In addition, they can do the grocery shopping, run errands, prepare healthy meals and assist your loved one with the daily activities of living.


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Resources: https://driveasenior.org/about/

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