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Questions to Ask a Home Care Provider

Choosing a home care provider for yourself or a loved one is a very serious task that involves a great deal of preparation and research. You want to be certain that the person you bring into the home is not only qualified for the job, but is also someone you or your loved one will feel comfortable with.

To help you along with this process, below are some questions to ask when interviewing a home care provider.


1. What’s the agency’s background?

Get a feel for the agency. Is it licensed by the state? Who started it and why? How long has it been around? What are their core values, and what do they stand for? How much money do they make? Do they contribute to any charitable organizations?

2. Do you have a customer satisfaction guarantee?

This says a lot about a home care agency if they stand behind their work with a guarantee. They are committed to your satisfaction. Be sure that if you are not satisfied with the level of service you are receiving (or it is simply not a good fit), you can cancel the services and find another home care provider.

3. Can you provide references?

Ask them for names of people you can contact (not just organizations) such as doctors, hospital personnel, and social workers. Call these references and ask them if the home care provider is one they would use for themselves or recommend to their own family member.

4. Are your staff employees or independent contractors?

If the home care provider’s staff are independent contractors, be sure they are bonded and insured by the company. Ask what your personal liability and tax obligations are for independent contractors.

Read this article for more information about independent contractors v. employees.

5. What are your requirements for your caregivers?

Be sure the agency has stringent screening, testing, and training requirements for their employees, including extensive background checks. Also ask what the company’s policies are regarding overseeing and supervising their employees’ work.

A reputable agency should have a clearly defined procedure for hiring caregivers that includes personal and professional background checks, drug screening, national criminal background checks, driving record, and in-person interviews.

(Incidentally, because our requirements are so rigorous, fewer than 5% of all applicants meet our standards and are hired by Canaan Home Care.)

6. Will you work with my physician?

In order to provide the most comprehensive care for you or your loved one, it is often important to collaborate with your doctor and other health care professionals involved in your care. Find an agency that is willing to work directly with your physician as needed.

7. Will I work with the same caregiver on a regular basis?

Continuity of care is an important consideration, not only for the rapport between caregiver and patient, but also to ensure the best level of care is given by someone who knows the patient’s needs. While it may not be possible 100% of the time, any home care agency worth its salt will place continuity of care as a high priority.

For more tips on finding the right home care provider for your family, call us today. We are happy to answer all your questions! 1-844-CANAAN-1

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