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How Can You Choose the Right Medical Alert System for Your Aging Adult?

Medical alert systems can call help for your elderly family member in an emergency. They’re invaluable to have if your senior has a history of falling or other medical issues.


Homecare in San Clemente CA: Medical Alert Systems
Homecare in San Clemente CA: Medical Alert Systems


Talk to Her Doctor

You might think it odd to talk to your aging family member’s doctor first about this topic, but he can point you toward several different systems that you and your senior might find appealing. Especially if your senior’s doctor works with many elderly adults, he can have a good handle on the workings of these types of systems. Another good source of information can be agencies that help the elderly in your area.


Look for Recommendations from Other People

If you have relationships with other caregivers, they can be a fantastic source of information about these types of systems. They can let you know what the features are and how the systems work to help keep their aging adults safe. If you’re not sure how these systems can really improve your elderly family member’s safety, they can give you personal examples of how these devices have helped their elderly family member. Elderly care providers may also be able to give you a list of different providers they’ve seen clients use.


Check out How Reliable Those Providers Are

Once you know which devices you might want to try, your next step is to determine how reliable they are. You’re going to want to check with sources such as the Better Business Bureau and Consumer Reports to see what these types of authorities have to say. You can collect all of your information and then compare the systems to see which seem to be the most reliable ones.


See if They Offer a Trial Period

Before you commit to one service over another, you might want to give it a trial period first. Many of these types of services might be able to give your senior a trial for a set amount of time to determine how well it works for her. If the company doesn’t offer a trial period, ask if there is at least a grace period under which you can sever the contract if the system doesn’t work the way you expect it to work.

Medical alert systems can be absolutely wonderful for your aging adult if she gets the right one for her. You might even want to try several different systems before you settle on one that works the best for your elderly family member.

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