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What Can You Do When You Don’t Want to Be a Caregiver?

Homecare in Irvine CA: Caregiving is not something that everyone wants or is able to do.

Whether you’ve never thought of being a caregiver before or you’ve known for a while that you don’t want to be one, you may not realize that you do have some options.


Homecare in Irvine CA: Tips for Caregivers


Assess Why You Don’t Want to Be a Caregiver

There are a lot of different reasons why someone might not want to be a caregiver. You might feel as if you simply aren’t cut out for caregiving. You might have had a bad relationship with your family member. Or you might simply not be able to be involved in daily care. When you’re open with yourself about why you don’t want to be the caregiver, you can start to find other options.


Look at Your Role as the Primary Caregiver

If there’s no one else, you may still need to be the one making decisions for your family member. As the primary caregiver, that can be your sole duty if you can get the help that you need. Depending on your family member’s needs, it may be entirely possible for you to step aside and allow other people, such as elderly care providers, handle the daily caregiving.


Ask for Help

There may also be some agencies and groups that can help you and your family member. If you’re having difficulty finding these groups, you might want to start by talking to your senior’s doctor and branching out from there. Another good source of information is your local agency for the elderly. You may also want to consider at least temporarily joining a caregiver support group. If your issues with caregiving stem from feeling that you can’t do this, they may help you to see that you can.


You Don’t Have to Be a Caregiver

There’s a feeling that if you’re the only person who can take care of a family member that you have to be the caregiver and you have to do everything yourself. You don’t have to do what you’re not able to do. But you may want to ensure that your family member is at least in a situation in which she’s being cared for, even if you can’t be the one caring for her.

Being a caregiver can encompass a variety of different responsibilities and you don’t have to handle them all on your own. Be honest with yourself and with your family member about what you can do and what you can’t do. From there you can work out what your actual responsibilities will and can be.


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