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What are the Signs and Symptoms of Psoriatic Arthritis?

Homecare in Newport Beach CA: Signs and Symptoms of Psoriatic Arthritis
Homecare in Newport Beach CA: Signs and Symptoms of Psoriatic Arthritis

If you are a family caregiver for one of the approximately 7.5 million people throughout the United States who is currently living with some form of psoriasis, you should know that they are at greater risk of developing a condition known as psoriatic arthritis.

What is Psoriatic Arthritis?

Occurring in approximately 30 percent of those who have psoriasis, though it can also develop in those who do not have the condition, psoriatic arthritis is a potentially debilitating condition that can compromise your parent’s health, well-being, and quality of life.  Knowing the potential signs and symptoms of this disease can help you to recognize when your parent might be struggling with this condition or if their treatment and management is not working properly so that you can make the care decisions that are right for them.

Some of the signs and symptoms of psoriatic arthritis include:

• Pain in the lower back.  The lower back pain that is caused by psoriatic arthritis is referred to as spondylitis.  This condition causes inflammation in the spine and in the joint between the pelvis and the spine, leading to pain that spreads throughout this area.

• Swelling.  One of the most significant, and often debilitating, symptoms of psoriatic arthritis is swelling of the joints in the fingers and toes.  When this symptom occurs, it results in extreme swelling and pain in both the feet and the hands that can lead to difficulty with functioning and lingering joint damage.

• Foot pain. The pain caused by psoriatic arthritis can be particularly severe in the ligaments and tendons that attach to bones.  Most frequently, this pain occurs in the sole of the foot, which is referred to as plantar fasciitis, or on the back of the heel, which is referred to as Achilles tendinitis.

Psoriatic arthritis generally impacts the joints on just one side of the body. The pain, swelling, and warmth of the joints can often mimic those of rheumatoid arthritis.

If you have been considering ways that you can boost your caregiver efforts for your senior and encourage a higher quality of life for them as they age in place, starting elderly care may be your ideal solution.

An elderly home care services provider can be an invaluable addition to your care routine, ensuring that any care gaps that exist in what you are able to give to your parent are filled.  This ensures that your parent will get all of the care, support, assistance, and encouragement that they need to handle their individual needs, challenges, and limitations in a way that is right for them.   Through this highly personalized set of services, the elderly care provider can help your parent to pursue a lifestyle that is more independent and fulfilling as they age in place.  As their family caregiver, this can give you peace of mind knowing that both when you are with them and when you are not, your loved one is getting the care that is right them and living the lifestyle that they deserve.


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How Common is Psoriatic Arthritis in People with Psoriasis?


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