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Elder Care Focus: Overnight Care

Home Care Services in San Juan Capistrano CA: When you were just starting in your role as a family caregiver for your aging parent, it is likely that you told yourself that you wanted to handle all of your parent's care needs on your own.

When you were just starting in your role as a family caregiver for your aging parent, it is likely that you told yourself that you wanted to handle all of your parent’s care needs on your own.

Home Care Services in San Juan Capistrano CA: Overnight Care

You want to make sure that your parent gets everything that they need, and that you can ensure the quality of their care. As their needs progressed, however, you may have found that their needs and challenges have gone beyond what you can realistically and safely handle yourself. When this happens, elder care can be an exceptional solution.

One time that can be particularly challenging for you as a family caregiver is their nighttime care. Your senior might struggle with challenges and limitations during the nighttime hours that might put them at serious risk.

Falling out of bed, wandering, cooking, and other potentially dangerous activities, as well as difficulty sleeping, the need for medication reminders, and mobility or other personal care needs can make it necessary that your parent has support during these nighttime hours. It is impossible, however, for you to be there for your parent all night and then also care for them during the day while caring for your children, keeping up with your career, managing your household, and taking care of your own personal health and well-being.

Overnight care ensures that there is someone in the home with your parent to provide care as needed.
This type of care generally involves an awake and alert care provider who is with your parent during the evening and night hours and can be utilized in combination with the services of a daytime care provider so that your parent has as much care and support as they need. If your parent does not require awake and alert care but would benefit from having someone in the home with them, consider live-in care. This type of care involves twenty-four-hour care for your parent, with the week divided among two or three care providers so that one care provider is with your parent for a few days and then is off for a few days. With this arrangement, the care provider has the expectation of a full night of sleep each night but is available for urgent care.


If you have been looking for a way to enhance your parent’s quality of life and boost the impact of your caregiver efforts for them, starting elder care for them might be just what you are looking for.
An elderly home care services provider will tailor a caregiving approach specifically to your parent’s needs, ensuring that they are seen as an individual and given respect and dignity in all that they do. This set of highly personalized services will include what your parent needs to manage their challenges, limitations, and needs so your parent can live a lifestyle that is as safe, healthy, comfortable, and independent as possible. This will support fulfillment and engagement that makes this new chapter in your parent’s life more meaningful. As their family caregiver, knowing your parent has this care can ease your stress and give you reassurance that when you are with your parent and when you are not, they are in good hands.


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