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Is It Possible to Balance Being a Family Caregiver and Working from Home?

Working from home has a wide variety of exceptional benefits, and if you are at the beginning of a caregiver journey with your aging parent, you may feel that the flexibility offered by this type of career will be one of those benefits. Soon, though, you may have found your responsibilities for your career are making it feel like you can’t attend to your parents as much as you would like to, or your responsibilities for your parents are distracting you from your career.


Home Care Services in Laguna Woods CA: Being a Family Caregiver
Home Care Services in Laguna Woods CA: Being a Family Caregiver


This may have you questioning whether it really is possible to balance being a family caregiver and working from home, particularly if you have transitioned your senior into living with you and your family. Fortunately, the answer is yes. Some simple preparation and changes to your daily routine can allow you to manage both elements of your life effectively and successfully.


Use these tips to help you balance being a family caregiver and working from home:


Create a schedule. Flexibility and choosing your own hours are perks of working at home, but you shouldn’t take this too literally if you want to balance both your job and your caregiver role. Instead, establish a set schedule. Choose your hours for work and your hours for caring for your parent. These might not be the same every day of the week, but sit down with a calendar and write down what hours you are working and caring each day. This will make it easier for you to book other things such as appointments, and give you structure


Establish boundaries. Make sure your parent, and the rest of your family, understand that working at home does not mean you are available at all times, and can simply stop what you are doing to do other things. Create boundaries about when you can be interrupted and when you cannot, what situations warrant interruption, and what you are willing to do during your workday. Give alternatives for handling other situations, such as asking your partner


Include elder care. Simply because you work at home, even if your aging parent lives with you, does not mean you should be expected to handle all aspects of your parent’s care yourself. Having an elderly home care services provider in the home with your parent ensures their needs are met, gives you more time to focus on your work, and also provides them with a higher level of independence and versatility to their daily life

When you step into the role of being a family caregiver for your aging parent, it is easy to feel as though you need to take it all on by yourself. This is particularly true if you are able to be with your aging parent regularly, you work from home, or your senior does not have extensive needs.

Starting elder care for your aging parents can have exceptional benefits even in these types of situations. An elderly home care services provider can diversify the care a senior receives, offering greater social interaction and companionship, and even managing tasks that might be uncomfortable or challenging for you. This care provider also makes your schedule more flexible, relieves your stress, and allows you to focus on the other elements of your life while still knowing your parent is getting all the care they need as they age in place.


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