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Planning Holiday Travel with Your Senior

For many families, the holiday season means traveling. This is a wonderful way to enhance the season with quality time spent with friends and family members that they do not get the opportunity see frequently throughout the year. As a family caregiver, you know how valuable social interaction and spending time with their loved ones is for your aging parent, but the thought of traveling with a senior who may be dealing with challenges and limitations can be intimidating. Planning ahead allows you to prepare yourself and your parent so that you can travel safely, comfortably, and happily, and enjoy your season together.

Home Care Services in Tustin CA: Senior Holiday Travel
Home Care Services in Tustin CA: Senior Holiday Travel

Use these tips to play your holiday season travel with your senior:


-Choose the mode of transportation that is right for your parent. Take into consideration not just transit time, but also your parent’s comfort, mobility, and any health challenges and needs that they will need to address throughout the trip so you can select the mode that is best for everyone involved.

-Plan for plenty of time for your travel. Rushing is not only stressful, but it makes it more likely that you will experience a dangerous or harmful experience while traveling, such as a vehicle collision or missing an important care task for your parent.

-If you are traveling by car for more than a couple of hours, plan for breaks throughout the journey. Stop somewhere safe and secure and encourage your parent to get out and walk around. Likewise, if you are traveling by train or plane, get up and walk around when possible. This will reduce the risk of blood clots and support joint comfort and health.

-Ensure that the hotel that you choose has features that support your parent’s needs, such as a roll-in shower for a senior with mobility problems or adaptive devices for those with hearing issues.

-Reduce the stress that you face while traveling by mailing gifts ahead of you so that you do not need to try to bring them with you.


How can home care services help?

If you have been looking for ways to enhance your aging parent’s quality of life and support a lifestyle that is as healthy, strong, happy, and independent as possible as they age in place, starting elder care for them might be the ideal solution.

An elderly home care services provider can be with your parent on a customized schedule that ensures your parent has all that they need to live a lifestyle that is safe, healthy, and comfortable, but that also supports fulfillment and engaged throughout their later years. This means that they are able to address their individual challenges, limitations, and needs in the ways that are right for them, but also that encourage them to be active and make the most of this chapter in their lives.


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