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Five Ways Home Care Can Help After a Hospital Stay

Home Care in Irvine CA: Hospital stays take a lot out of both you and your aging adult, but home care can help.

After a hospitalization, you and your senior might both feel overwhelmed. Here’s how home care can help.


Home Care in Irvine CA: After Hospital Care


Watching out for Symptoms of Trouble

One of the biggest issues for aging adults who have recently been hospitalized is that they can end up right back in the hospital if they’re not careful. When she’s released from the hospital, your elderly family member will get an information sheet letting you and her know what to watch for in terms of potential problems. Home care providers can help you to stay on top of those different signs.


Getting Safely to Follow-up Appointments

Another issue that can be difficult after a hospitalization is the fact that your senior could be facing an upsurge in follow-up appointments. You might not be able to get time away from other responsibilities for all of those dates, which is where senior care providers can help. They’re able to take her safely to appointments and ensure that she arrives back home safely.


Managing Nutrition Intake

Eating after a hospitalization might be a problem for your senior. It might not be so easy for her to cook, for instance, or she might not be able to do even simple things like easily keep up with drinking enough water to stay properly hydrated. Elder care providers can handle the heavy lifting of meal preparation for your senior.


Help with Mobility and Transferring

After a hospitalization, your senior may need help transferring from a wheelchair to the tub, toilet, or to another seat. Even if she’s able to walk, she may have some mobility challenges she’s not used to handling on her own. Using a walker is not as easy when she’s feeling weaker as it is when she’s at full strength.


Managing Activities of Daily Living

Getting dressed, bathing and so many other activities of daily living are much more difficult for your aging adult after a hospital stay. Having help from elderly care providers when you’re not around and able to help is crucial for her. Their help can ensure that she’s actually able to bathe daily instead of having to wait.

Depending on your senior’s overall health, she may find that having extra help from home care providers is a great idea even after her risk of readmission is lower. Many aging adults don’t realize how helpful having someone else to depend on can be until they experience what home care can do for them.


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