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Benefits of Strength Training for Elderly Women

Home Care in Newport Coast CA: We all know how important exercise is to our physical health, but do you know exactly what strength training can do for your elderly loved one's health?

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We all know how important exercise is to our physical health, but do you know exactly what strength training can do for your elderly loved one’s health? As important as it is for older adults to participate in physical activities, many fail to do so. But one type of exercise that has proven to be effective for women is strength training.

One common misconception is that these types of exercises require the elder to use heavy weights. This could also be one of the reasons that many older adults steer clear of these physical activities. This type of exercise does require some form of weights, but nothing that will be too strenuous for your loved one. To find out why they should be adding strength training to their workout schedule, here are several benefits tousling it.


Lowers the Risk of Osteoporosis 

Bone density is naturally lost with age due to changes in hormone levels. By lifting weights, the elder will be able to slow down their bone loss and can actually help them grow stronger.


Reduces Fall-Related Injuries

Since the muscles are becoming stronger, the joints and bones are becoming increasingly protected. This will help your loved one with their balance and coordination, allowing them to live independently for years to come.


Protects Muscle Mass

Muscle mass tends to deteriorate with age, which is slowly replaced with fat. By strength training, your loved one will strengthen their muscle mass in order to maintain or lose weight.


3 Ways to Add Strength Training to Their Exercise Routine

There are 3 types of exercises that will help the elder get all of the benefits if strength training. They include:

  1. Free weights: This includes dumbbells, barbells, and weight bars. They are inexpensive and can be found at almost any gym and sporting goods store.
  2. Weight Machines: Circuit-style weight machines target certain muscles, allowing the senior to strengthen certain parts of the body. These machines can be expensive to purchase, but are available at any gym.
  3. Body weight: Body weight only requires the use of your own body as a way to strengthen the muscles. Pull-ups, abdominal crunches, and push-ups are a few ways the elder can use their body weight.


As important as exercise is for the health of older adults, it is also important that they get approval from their doctor before trying out any new exercise routine. A home care provider can also help them by offering support and ensuring they are safe during their workouts.


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