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Global Health and Fitness Month

Home Care in Newport Beach CA

May is Global Health and Fitness Month. While this health observance was originally devised as a means of getting people more active at work, it can also be a fantastic observance for your home Home-Care-in-Newport-Beach-CAcare journey. This is a great chance for you and your parent to implement new ways to keep both of you healthier and more fit throughout your parent’s later years. Not only will this help you to be a better caregiver and give your parent a better quality of life throughout their later years, but it will also help you to live better even after your care journey comes to an end.


Use these tips to get more active and enjoy better health during Global Health and Fitness Month:

  • Take lunchtime walks. Now that the weather is warming up it is the perfect time for you to start heading outside more often to enjoy time with your parent. Explore your parent’s area and map out routes for walks you can take at lunchtime or that they can take with their in home health care services provider. Start small with a walk that is approximately 10 minutes and then stretch them out until it reaches 30 minutes.
  • Go hiking. Walking along the sidewalk is great, but heading out for a hike offers even more physical and mental health benefits. Hiking gets you on different terrain so that your muscles and joints are working differently, and stimulates their mind with the sights, sounds, and smells of nature. Be sure that you map out your hike carefully so that you are not hiking so far that your parent is tired when it is time to turn around and head back.
  • Try out a new exercise class. Get in touch with your local gym, community center, or senior center and find out about exercise classes that are available for your elderly loved one to take. Encourage them to try a completely new activity, and get involved by taking it with them. This will not only support better physical health, but will also bond your relationship and help you make fun memories.
  • Get outside. Encourage your parent to get out in the lawn with you and do some gardening. This activity does not have to be elaborate. You can simply mow the grass, do some weeding, or rake leaves. If your parent enjoys this activity, tending to flower beds or vegetable gardens offers physical, cognitive, and critical thinking stimulation.
  • Have a healthy picnic. Start exploring new ways to eat healthy by designating one day a week as picnic day. On this day choose one or two new types of produce to try, or experiment with fruits and vegetables that your parent already enjoys. Make a few new recipes and bring your creations to a local park or other scenic area to eat. Getting out of the house to eat helps you to focus more on what you are eating and fosters conversations about the food, your new healthy diet, and what other efforts you are going to take to live a healthier, stronger lifestyle.

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