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Streamlining the Home to Address Mobility Issues on Simplicity Day

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July 12 is Simplicity Day. While this may not be a word that you frequently attribute to your care efforts with your aging parent, the truth is that with some efforts and strategic planning, you trulyHome-Care-in-Laguna-Woods-CA can make your parent’s life, and your efforts, simpler and more effective. If your parent is coping with mobility issues, streamlining the home through thoughtful modifications can help them to utilize their home more independently and confidently.


Some ways that you can streamline your parent’s home in order to address mobility issues include:

  • Add a ramp. Getting into the home from outside should not be a major challenge for your parent. If it becomes too much of a hassle they might become unwilling to try to leave the house, leading to isolation and loneliness that can contribute to depression, anxiety, and loss of motivation. Simplify getting into and out of your home for a senior with mobility issues by adding a ramp. This can reduce or even eliminate the need for your parent to have someone’s help to get into and out of the home.
  • Consider lifts. There are many places throughout the home where lifts can be incredibly helpful for your parent and simplify them moving throughout the space. The stairs are likely the most well-known place for installing a lift. These devices enable your parent to sit comfortably in a secure chair and then ride up a rail generally installed along a wall. At the top landing your parent can turn and get off of the chair. When it is time to go back down, they simply head back in the other direction. This is not the only option for lifts, however. Small lifts can be installed to help your parent get into an elevated bed, get in and out of a tub, or even to replace ramps when the area is too steep or small to handle the device.
  • Widen doorways. If major modifications are possible, consider widening the doorways throughout your parent’s home. This will ensure that they can get through those doorways with their mobility devices without having to negotiate the smaller width. This can not only make it easier for your parent to use their entire home, but it can also help to reduce the possibility of injuries caused by walking into the corners or the doorframe.


If your parent is coping with mobility issues and challenges that are making it more difficult for them to live safely and comfortably in their own home, now may be the ideal time for you to start considering starting a home care arrangement. An in home senior care services provider can create a customized course of care, support, and encouragement tailored to your parent’s individual needs. This ensures that your parent’s needs are met so that they can stay safe, healthy, and comfortable throughout their aging years while also supporting independence. This can be especially beneficial if these mobility issues have created potentially sensitive tasks that your parent is not comfortable with you managing, or you are not comfortable taking on for yourself.


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