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May 31 is National Senior Health & Fitness Day – 5 Tips for Helping Your Parent Stay Fit

Home Care in Irvine CA: May 31 is National Senior Health & Fitness Day – 5 Tips for Helping Your Parent Stay Fit

This year marks the 24th annual National Senior Health & Fitness Day, which takes place on May 31 this year. The day was created to draw attention to the importance of senior citizens remaining physically active. Physical activity can help keep bones strong, increase stability and balance, lower blood pressure, and reduce risks for many other kinds of conditions. If your parent isn’t currently active, there’s no better time than now to help them make a change. Being fit can help a person no matter what their age is or whether they already have chronic health problems. Encourage your parent to become more physically active. You or your parent’s home care provider can help them get more fit by following these five tips.


#1 Ask a Doctor for Help Creating an Exercise Plan

If your parent is not currently active or has existing medical conditions, work with a doctor to come up with a plan for increasing physical activity in a manner that is right for them. A fitness professional, such as a personal trainer who has experience working with seniors, may also be a good resource for a safe and effective program.


#2 Exercise Safely

Make sure your parent doesn’t overdo it when they exercise. If your parent feels pain, they should stop exercising. If the pain is severe, consult a doctor. If your parent has pain in the chest, extreme shortness of breath, an abnormal heart rhythm, or dizziness, they should stop immediately and call a doctor.


#3 Stay Hydrated

Your parent should stop and drink water every 15 minutes or so. This is especially important if it is hot or humid.


#4 Make Exercise Fun

Your parent will be more likely to continue exercising if they enjoy it. Remember, any physical activity counts. If your parent enjoys walking, go for walks with them or ask their home care provider to work a daily walk into the schedule. If your parent likes playing catch, throw a ball around in the front yard. If your parent prefers a more structured exercise routine, check into local gyms or the senior center to find classes that are designed especially for senior citizens.


#5 Find an Exercise Buddy

It’s more fun to exercise with someone else, so find your parent an exercise buddy. If your parent doesn’t have a friend nearby who would like to exercise with them, consider family members who might enjoy a little extra time and some physical activity with your parent. Perhaps a grandchild would like a game of catch or hide and seek in the yard.


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