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Being Aware of Food Allergies

Caregiver in San Juan Capistrano CA: Fifteen million Americans suffer from food allergies according to Food Allergy Research and Education (FARE), and each day are faced with challenges in avoiding their food allergens in order to prevent minor breathing, upset stomach, or skin irritations at best, and life-threatening reactions called anaphylaxis, at worst.

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Global Health and Fitness Month

Home Care in Newport Beach CA: May is Global Health and Fitness Month. While this health observance was originally devised as a means of getting people more active at work, it can also be a fantastic observance for your home care journey.

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National Golf Day

Elder Care in Tustin CA: Golf is a very popular pastime for elderly adults. It can also be a highly beneficial addition to your elder care journey. Golfing promotes physical activity, social interaction, and cognitive processing that all combine to support better mental, emotional, cognitive, and physical health.

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How Snacking Can Improve Your Senior Care Efforts

Senior Care in Newport Coast CA: From tiny pieces of celery smeared with peanut butter and dotted with raisins and little bags of teddy bear-shaped graham crackers, to bowls of buttered popcorn and seemingly endless bags of potato chips, snacks may seem like something of either childhood or mindless entertainment.

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