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Signs of a Heat-Related Emergency

Senior Care in Dana Point CA: As a family caregiver, it is critical that you are able to recognize the signs of such a heat-related emergency so that you can get them the prompt and effective care that is necessary to help them through such a situation with minimized negative impact.

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Helping Seniors Who Suffer From Sciatica

Homecare in Huntington Beach CA: Because of weakening bones and muscles, elderly people are prone to developing sciatica, which can result in tremendous pain. Family caregivers that are assisting an elderly loved one with sciatica may be able to provide some relief from the pain.

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Living with Scleroderma

Elder Care in Huntington Beach CA: Around 300,000 people in the United States are living with scleroderma, a condition that causes a hardening of skin and connective tissues. Although scleroderma is not curable, there are many things you and your parent’s home care provider can do to help manage the symptoms at home as well as helping your parent to live well with scleroderma.

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Preparing a Loved-One for Pacemaker Surgery

Home Care Services in Laguna Beach CA: Preparing for yourself and your loved-one for pacemaker surgery. If you know what a pacemaker is and what to expect before and after surgery can help reduce some of the fear and stress surrounding the procedure.

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7 FAQ’s About Dry Mouth and Seniors

Elder Care in Laguna Beach CA: If you are in charge of your aging parent’s elderly care plan, you will need to watch out for a condition called dry mouth. Here are 7 Frequently Asked Questions about dry mouth that family caregivers need to understand.

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True or False? Seniors Can Suddenly Develop Celiac Disease

Home Care in Newport Beach CA: When most elderly people and their family members hear a diagnosis of celiac disease, their first reaction is often surprise. That’s because there isn’t much that is known about the onset of celiac disease in later years, as most research has been done on children.

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