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5 Positive Ways to Cut a Worry Session Short

Worrying is something that happens as a caregiver. You might find that it starts to get out of hand, though, and that can interfere with everything that you’re trying to accomplish.

5 Positive Ways to Cut a Worry Session Short 1

1. Move for a Few Minutes

If your brain feels like it’s running over the same track without coming to any answers, it’s time to do something else. Get active for a little while. This does quite a bit for you. First, it interrupts what you were doing, which is a start. Then it gets more blood flowing, releases endorphins, and might give your brain something else to do for a little while. You might find that you now have answers when before you only had worries.

2. Get it All Out on Paper

Pour it all out on paper. This will do one of two things for you. Either you’ll see the immensity of what you’re dealing with and you’ll realize that you have to just deal with what you can actually manage, or you’ll see that the situation isn’t as big as you thought. Regardless, it can help a great deal to see everything on paper and out of your head.

3. Meditate, if That Works for You

You might already have some tools for worrying. If you meditate, that can be helpful when you’re in a big old spin cycle of worrying. Take a few minutes and clear your thoughts. Spend as long as you need to meditate and you might find that the worries don’t feel as big afterward.

4. Practice Deep Breathing for a While

If meditating isn’t your thing, don’t feel bad. Lots of people find it incredibly difficult to meditate and it can be an intimidating practice. You can get awesome results with something similar, though. Deep breathing signals to your brain that everything is okay, it can stand down. When you’re worried, your brain is prepared for an attack. Spend some time breathing deeply and your brain gets the message that it doesn’t have to be in fight or flight mode.

5. Keep Track of What Helps and What Doesn’t

It’s a really good idea to keep track of what you personally find helpful and also what you find doesn’t work so well for you. Everybody is different and you might find that some tools are situationally helpful for you. When you feel stuck, a list also gives you more ideas about what to try, particularly if your worry is similar to another you’ve had.

It’s normal to worry now and again, but if you’re constantly worried, you might need to talk to your doctor. Treatments for anxiety and for any other health issues might help a lot.

Respite care may be something you can look into, call a home care services provider agency today to see how they can help.

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