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What Does Too Much Clutter Look Like for Your Senior?

Elderly Care in Tustin CA: Too much clutter can look a little different for every aging adult. Here are some things to look for in your senior’s home.

Too much clutter can look slightly different for some people than it does for other people. In fact, for many homes, light housekeeping tasks that are a little behind can make the home look more cluttered than it truly is. Clutter could be one of the signs that your elderly family member needs some more help.


Elderly Care in Tustin CA: What’s Too Much Clutter?


Lots of Dirty Laundry

Laundry tends to reproduce without intervention, which is why so many people make jokes about “Mount Laundry” taking over their home. But if your senior is having a tough time staying on top of laundry, it’s likely growing much too fast for her to manage on her own. Having someone else manage laundry can make life so much easier.


Tons of Unopened Mail

Your senior might be ignoring her mail for a variety of reasons. It might be difficult for her to simply keep up with what’s important and what is truly junk. Or she might also find that it’s mentally difficult to manage her mail. Regardless of the cause, really important information can get lost in those stacks if they’re not dealt with promptly.


Dust or Other Signs of Lack of Cleaning

Sometimes clutter is more about the visual clutter caused by housekeeping tasks that are left undone. For instance, if your senior is having trouble keeping up with dusting, that makes everything look a little more cluttered. But it goes beyond aesthetics. If your senior has any breathing trouble at all, dust and other side effects of long overdue cleaning can worse those issues.


Dirty Floors

It’s easy to ignore dirty floors for a little while, but this can become a problem eventually. If your elderly family member doesn’t wear shoes, she can carry dirt all over the house. Carpeting that isn’t vacuumed often collects dust and debris that can contribute to breathing issues and other health problems. Having help with all of these tasks can help your senior’s home smell better, too.


Too Many Actual Items

The most obvious form of clutter, though, is literally having too many actual items around. If this is a problem for your aging adult, you may need to talk to her about what items absolutely must stay and which ones can go. This can be a difficult task, so be prepared to be gentle with the topic.

Too much clutter could be an indication that your senior needs a little bit more help. If you think that it’s time to get her some extra assistance, sit down and have a conversation with her. Together you can determine if it’s time to hire senior care providers to give her a helping hand.


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