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What Do Elderly Adults Need to Heal at Home?


Whether your elderly parent is recovering from surgery or battling an illness or disease that landed them in the hospital, they are likely facing a long recovery time while their bodies heal.
Sometimes, the doctors will recommend a recovery center after a hospital visit, but it’s worth asking whether your aging mom or dad might do better recovering at home. In many cases, studies show that seniors heal faster and have better mental health when they can heal at home.


Elderly Care in Dana Point CA: Senior Home Modifications
Elderly Care in Dana Point CA: Senior Home Modifications


If your elderly parent’s doctor is open to sending their patient home to recover, there are plenty of things you need to do to facilitate that. With some planning and preparation, you can create an atmosphere where your aging mom or dad can recover in their own home.


Home Modifications Help Healing

Healing at home will almost always require some home modifications, from slight to substantial. Depending on your elderly parent’s condition and what they need to recover, you may be able to do everything yourself or you might have to call in an expert. Any home modification you make should focus on safety, self-reliance, convenience, and comfort.


Here are just a few things that can make your aging parent’s recovery at home much easier:

  • Install a raised toilet seat
  • Affix grab bars by the toilet, tub, and shower
  • Invest in a bathtub transfer bench or shower chair
  • Install a handheld shower head
  • Change knob-style sink faucets for lever style
  • Bright lighting in hallways and stairs
  • Clearing clutter from walkways
  • Purchasing a recliner chair or raised bed

There is any number of home modifications that will make recovering at home more convenient for you and your elderly loved one. While the aging adult may be too immobilized with pain, nausea, and fatigue in the first few days, in no time they will thank you for the modifications as they start to regain their abilities.


Hiring Elder Care Providers

Even with home modifications, all those daily tasks related to self-care can be too much for an elderly person recovering at home. If you cannot be there to help them, your aging mom or dad may be too tired or weak to do so. Worse, they could hurt themselves struggling to get things done. That’s why so many people are hiring elder care providers to look after their aging relatives. Elder care providers are trained professionals who know exactly how to help elderly clients.

An elder care provider is able to help anywhere they are needed and fill in for you when you cannot be there. Elder care providers work quickly and with compassion, giving aging adults aid with things like bathing, dressing, moving from room to room, helping them in and out of bed and with all their toilet needs.

You don’t want to see your aging loved one struggle with their recovery, so implementing home modifications and hiring an elder care provider is an excellent way to maximize the power of healing at home.


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